What Exactly Is Hybrid Cloud? Check Overview, Benefits and More!


Cloud computing has evolved with time. From public cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, to on-premise investments in infrastructure, businesses are investing in diverse solutions. In simple words, hybrid cloud is a ‘hybrid’ or mix between private cloud services, public cloud and on-premise solutions. The idea is to reap the advantages of all platforms, so as to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. In recent years, the demand and need for hybrid cloud has only increased, and more and more companies, including MNCs and growing enterprises, are relying on it. In this post, we are talking in length about hybrid cloud and aspects that matter.

The advantages

One of the foremost advantages of hybrid cloud is agility. IT environment is changing consistently, and it is absolutely necessary and important to adapt to these changes, which is also the essence of digital transformation. Hybrid cloud basically allows a company to reap the advantages of both private and public clouds, while dodging the disadvantages at the same time. When it comes to economies of scale, public cloud has no competition, and with that, this is also a flexible choice. Running applications is also easier. Private cloud, on the other hand, bring the much-needed element of security that’s critical for companies that are dealing with sensitive data and information. Costing can be a bummer for sure, but the expenses or what an enterprise eventually spends also depends largely on the requirements and importance of that application.

Adopting hybrid cloud

There are many service providers, who work with enterprises to offer hybrid cloud solutions in the most scalable manner. If you are unable to judge your requirements, security concerns and other aspects, it is absolutely important to think of these companies. Security, scalability, cost effectiveness and better flexibility are some of the core advantages of hybrid cloud, and those must be considered. Even if you already have on-premise IT investments, the company you choose will help on making the most of current setup while using hybrid cloud at the same time.

In conclusion

The shift towards hybrid cloud is not a choice to be fair. This is a decision that must be made sooner or later, given that it makes it easier to reap the benefits of both worlds. Check online now to find more on hybrid cloud service providers and architects, and you can discuss with them further to take the right call.