4 Tips to Get Past Customs as Quickly as Possible

As your adventure overseas draws closer and you need to travel back home, you will need to fill out a customs form for declaration, which is the very first step in finishing your Border and Customs protection secret number interview and inspection with the customs official. (If you intend driving pass any international border, you won’t be required to fill the form, however, you will need to inform a customs official about what you had purchased while you have been away from the country.)

On arriving at any international border or passport control, a border and customs protection official will need to review your personal declaration form, check out your passport and as well as ask you certain questions about your trip and the products or items you are bringing back.

If you make or have plans in advance, you will help make inspection process by customs officials go smoothly. Below are certain tips for clearing customs quickly.

#1: Make a packing list

The very first step in knowing which items or products to declare is by creating a packing list of all those items you had brought from home with you. This list will not only assist you in organizing your suitcase as you begin your trip, but it will as well be very helpful when the time for filling out your customs forms comes.

#2: Understand the rules

Every country has its own different customs rules and regulations. Make out time to read through these rules before beginning your trip so that you can know the items you can and cannot bring back. The U.S, United Kingdom, and Canada governments, for instance, all give out customs information regarding travelers on their various websites.

#3: Register high-value items

You can also register high-quality products or items, like laptops, cameras, watches, and computers, with the customs agency in your country prior to your traveling date. Following this step will be helpful in providing border and customs protection officials with proof that these items are owned by you, thus saving you trouble and time whenever you return back home.

#4: Save Receipts

Bring along a plastic zip-top bag or an envelope with you for storing receipt. Whenever you purchase something when you travel, properly tuck these receipts into the bag or envelope. When the time finally arrives for filling out your customs declaration form, you will possess a physical record regarding all your purchased items and products.

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