How to Protect a Hard Disk or USB with Password

With today’s article, we will see how to keep our data secure by password, in addition to encrypted, so that no one can access them or use them without our consent.

We will use one of the best encryption programs, which besides being recognized by the large community, it is free to use. Also, if you are an Information Technology professional and you work in a company that cares where they can finish their data (they should be all), this article also interests you. 😉

We emphasize that this program works on Windows as well as Linux and Mac, and is highly recommended for all external devices that you or your company can have. If you’re looking to encrypt or destroy your hard drive, check out this company that can help to secure hard drive.

That said, let’s roll!

What is Veracrypt?

Veracrypt is a free and open source software to encrypt files, hard drives and USB devices securely. Veracrypt is the improved version of the old Truecrypt and also has a community of security experts who volunteer to maintain it and update it for each identified flaw or possible new threat that appears in the virtual world.

In addition, hard drive destruction company can be used in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Why Should I use Veracrypt?

We are at a time when every day more, all data is stored and maintained in digital format, leaving aside paper (+1 for trees).

This leads to greater ease in the exchange of data, access from anywhere in the world through the Internet and greater exposure to the outside world of our files.

With a bit of bad luck (not much) our data can be intercepted during a mail or sending, our private space in the cloud can be hacked, and from then on, all our data begins to be part of the public network where everyone can access and use them with the greater or lesser evil.

Well, Veracrypt is one of these programs that we should never miss in our day to day so that our data is as safe as possible, starting from our computer.

Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use. Further:

  • It is free code
  • The successor of Truecrypt demonstrated confidence.
  • It has been audited
  • Valid for the most used platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It can be used to encrypt individual files as well as entire devices.