PDF Myths You Will Get To Hear Frequently

For most organizations and individuals, PDF is the file format that is most accepted and is a secure way of saving, editing, and creating digital copies of your data. PDF format offers you several benefits, and with a PDF to Word free converter, you not only save paper but keep your data secure and convert it to any file form.

However, with all good things, there are always some misconceptions related to it. This could ruin your PDF converter experience. PDF converters and, in general, PDFs can be used for several purposes. If you are wondering what are some of the most prominent PDF myths, below find some for you to go through.

Only Adobe Acrobat Works With PDFs

Many still believe that Adobe Acrobat is the only software that can help you create, merge and keep track of your PDFs. While this is a very easy software to use, this is not the only one available in the digital market. You would have several options when it comes to creating PDFs, free readers, for viewing just like you would for a PDF converter. It is a misconception that you can only use Adobe Acrobat for PDFs.

Free Software For PDF Is Not Good Enough

Many have the idea that “free” is never good. While this might be true in some cases, for PDF files, it is not. For a customized setup, you might have to pay a nominal fee; however, there are several free online PDF file software that you could use without any hassle. This software would help you create and view any PDF file without any hassle.

PDF Software Is Way Too Expensive

When it first came on the market, the prices for PDF converters were quite high. However, nowadays, there are several affordable options available in the market, which could be customized depending on what your requirements are. Again, with so many PDF software now available, there is constant competition in attracting customers by offering unique features, market benefits, and a lot more. Whether you use it individually or for business, PDF software is not expensive anymore.

You Cannot Convert Them To Other File Formats

This is one of the biggest myths you would get to hear about PDFs. Just like PDF software, there are several PDF converter to Word tools available that help you change the PDF file into any file format you want. The whole process of converting a PDF file into a Word document is quite an easy one.

You Can Only Create PDF By Scanning Paper

Initially, the paper was the only form by which you could add, edit and proofread data. Adobe first ensured that you could scan those paper documents and create PDFs out of them. You could scan several pages and make a single PDF file. However, in recent times, that is not the only feature, and you could save any digital file like spreadsheets, presentations in PDF format.

Therefore, these are some of the PDF myths you would frequently hear, which should be debunked as various software are coming up with unique features making work efficient.