Reasons To Source Electronic And Hardware From Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the world’s hardware capital. What makes this former fishermen market town the best place for manufacturing hardware products? The place produces more than 90% of the world’s electronics with a nominal GDP of more than 2.2 trillion. China has been on top of the list for global sourcing of products.

Not just the global vehicle but even many other industries are looking for Original Equipment Manufacturers in China. Besides, the labour cost is low and the majority of the labour force has lots of experience, so buyers don’t need to invest money and time in training them, especially if you plan to source generic products. 

If you desire to enter the technology and electronic market, then look for a Shenzhen sourcing agent. Shenzhen is supercharged with thousands of engineers, matchless supply chain flexibility, rapid prototyping, and sheer scale. Businesses can look for a reputable Shenzhen sourcing agent as they need electronic products to build drones, wearable technology, robots, and smart sensors. 

Reasons to source electronic products from Shenzhen


Other areas around the world manufacture hardware products. Nevertheless, Shenzhen is special because there are numerous manufacturers and markets in that region. Electronics Market Huaqiangbei Commercial Street is the largest that covers 70 million sq. ft. and 20 distinct shopping malls.

Shenzhen produces 90% of the world’s electronics, so the time spent creating a product is reduced significantly in this city when compared to other global areas. You can engage a sourcing agent in Shenzhen because they have solid knowledge associated with locally manufactured electronic products. They can detect the quality, integrity, and safety of the created hardware products. 


Shenzhen has infinite electronic parts as well as manufacturing talent, so rapid prototyping is possible. Some of the companies in the US have based their distribution centre in China. It means if you are working with a Shenzhen sourcing agent then with a proper distribution and logistics process, you can ship products directly from China to the US.

Costs & quality

China goods are believed to be of low quality, but there are many genuine manufacturers. The Shenzhen industry is well developed. The Shenzhen sourcing agent can help you buy efficient and high-quality equipment, especially 3D printers.

Manufacturing a product in China is cheap as the components are also manufactured locally and the corporate tax rate is 25% low in comparison. A licensed Shenzhen sourcing agent guarantees quality even if it is a manufacturing defect. The Shenzhen buying agent handles the replacement of the defective product or negotiates compensation terms for delivering sub-standard products. 


Shenzhen’s ecosystem also contributes to the hardware manufacturing sector. It is the birthplace of the latest tech trends, which supports worldwide innovators. A Shenzhen buying agent makes close cooperation and networking possible. Western buyers are unaware of the language and culture of China. Allowing the Shenzhen sourcing agent to deal with supplier communication means your requirements are conveyed accurately to the manufacturer. 


The Shenzhen community strongly believes in the freedom to explore, invent, and create. This is the reason why Shenzhen became a hardware capital. There are no closely-guarded prototypes and intellectual property rights.

The city has an open mentality in the way it operates. Sharing and collaboration of ideas is the key. Everyone can gain access to information and modify it. An experienced sourcing agent Shenzhen has access to multiple engineers and developers, so you have the flexibility to choose. 

Look for a reputable and experienced Shenzhen sourcing agent!