How do Oscillators Work?

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Oscillators are highly specialised pieces of equipment that are most commonly used to power watches or audio and radio systems. Their use is widespread, versatile and exceptionally convenient – as they only rely on DC input in order to operate.

So just how do they work, and what is it about oscillators that influences the aerospace, defence, medical, telecoms and electronic engineering industries to rely so heavily on them?

In this piece, the team of oscillator specialists at Euroquartz will explain how oscillators work, how they may be applied and where to find exactly the right type of oscillator for your purposes.

How Oscillators Work

These highly sophisticated pieces of equipment are regularly referred to as quartz crystal oscillators – because their power comes as a result of the magnetisation of quartz crystal.

Quartz oscillators are so common and reliable because quartz itself resonates piezoelectricity – a type of electric polarization. This is harnessed by putting the crystal under “mechanical stress”, specifically by vibrating or distorting it using an electromagnetic field.

Once that electromagnetic field is removed, the crystal will resonate a field of its own by oscillating in a precise frequency. This allows it to produce a voltage. Radio and audio equipment and timepieces are then powered using this frequency.

The Applications of Quartz Oscillators

This revolutionary equipment allows clear communication to be achieved by those in the aerospace, aviation, defence and telecoms industries without the need for any other power source and over distances of many miles thanks to an adjustable frequency.

Oscillators are highly shock resistant, meaning they can be used over rough terrain or in areas of conflict.

Helpfully, the frequencies available from  a quartz oscillator are identical to the range that can be heard by the human ear, so quartz oscillators are also used in auditory equipment within the medical industry.

This sector also benefits from the use of quartz timekeeping equipment, as it is highly reliable and will not interfere with the function of any other vital machines.

 How Can I Find the Right Quartz Crystal Oscillator for My Project?

At EuroQuartz, we stock a wide variety of different types of oscillator and oscillator components to suit a variety of needs, applications and industries. You can browse our selection and make specific enquiries about certain products here.

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