An Honest Wix Review – Should You Use It?

Wix is utilized by over 150 million people throughout 190 different nations. It is a budget-friendly and very easy to use website builder and hoster that even the most inexperienced people can still use!

It also includes a convenient approach to establishing your very own professional business website.

Wix Functions

There are a lot of functions with Wix.

To start off with, Wix offers a huge choice of core elements to establish your website with — various navigating elements, food options, boxes, buttons, and many advanced options for creating pretty much anything. There is even professional website design businesses that can build the entire website for you on Wix.

Also, Wix has an element called Repeaters that is quite advanced and unique, and I believe Wix is the better platform worldwide that utilizes this feature successfully.

Wix also includes an Application Market with around 400 applications that consist of extra features in addition to characteristics.

It is also an excellent success story of its own for Wix to be able to make use of attributes without ruining the user interface.

Final Judgment and Advice

All these features make Wix an excellent location and platform to build your professional website inside of.

Additionally, Wix applications execute multiple features to make your task less difficult.

All the cost factors of using Wix are extremely affordable and fair.

Even if you have no experience in website building, you can surely jump on there and give it a good go!

If, however, you struggle with any part of it or the final result is not as good as you wanted it to be, then Wix usually suggests Wix Experts to you who have contracts directly with Wix – these contractors are extremely expensive because of the massive fee that Wix takes from them for linking the two of you together.

Our educated and experienced advice would be to find a website building company that can do it for you instead of contracting one of Wix’s employees.

We personally used a website building company named Ozywebit – they charged us half the price compared to what the Wix Experts quoted us, and they created an amazing Wix website for our business that now gets us so many customers.

I also think that by the time you have reached this point in the article, it will perhaps be extremely clear that I feel as a website builder, Wix is amazing.

It ticks off a lot of the right check boxes in its primary function (the mobile site editor is a great bonus) and it is possible to use to develop very professional websites.

On top of that, there is great value-add as well, with the extra features and marketing tools.

This is something that would enable new website owners to extend the reach of their site further without having to deal with too much technical knowledge or additional resources in the field of marketing.

Overall, I would rate Wix as a platform, a solid five out of five. Strongly recommended for business owners with all kinds of experience, and businesses from all around the world.