What is a call to action? Untangle your thoughts on it

Call to action

Do you remember, in your school days, when the teacher asked you to make an assignment after going through the chapter, and then you immediately started researching for the assignment? You will be a little curious to know why your assignment days have been brought back to your memory lane? Well, the term call to action is a little bit like that.

A call to action is a marketing statement that enables users to respond at the very moment.

Let’s drill this topic in depth.

What is a call to action?

You opened a business and your website is well captivating, but how would you feel if audiences go through your website and after that nothing pursued. Every website wants their targeted audience to do some activity on their website such as asking questions, finalising appointments or much better buying something.

This would be gained only when one makes their website smooth and easy to process or in a way that none of the audience can resist themselves from an action such as buying something.

That is why a call to action is being created.

Call to action also famed as CTA. It is like a call that pushes the audience to take action. Call to action is visible on websites in a form like, “buy now”, “Visit us”, “contact us” or “call now” etc.  These terms are placed in the position where they get immediately noticed and clicked. A call to action can make your website look cool but that is not what it means. It has a prime role to connect you with the audience.

A survey has been stated that adding a call to action switch can make your business revenue increase by 83%

There is an abundance of statistics for the call to action which proves that call to action is a messiah for your website.

What is the purpose of a call to action?

Call to action plays a lead role in making the users more involved or one can say that it converts the window shopping of users to real shopping. 

One must use a captivating CTA to make the audience sign the newsletters, access other content or maybe sign up for future deals. Once someone clicked on the button then they will go to the path of your sales funnel and this indicates that they have interest in your site. They will start raising questions which is a good opportunity for you to answer them and make a good bond. You can tell them how the products are going to make their life easier and what are the other benefits it covers. This will work like magic and can increase your revenue.

What are the examples of Call to action?

At this point, you have acknowledged that a call to action is a good thing. But there is a way to do things. The same goes with the call to action button. It is not like you put it anywhere and wait for the customers to respond. While designing a CTA you need to keep in mind that you have to impress the audience and encourage them to click on the button. You have to captivate them and bring them to the path of the sales funnel.

The path that leads to CTA must be polite and generous, only then the audience will make their mind to it.

It is quite astonishing that you have motivated a stranger by your CTA and now they are an essential part of your business. This is the elegance of the internet, “connecting people“.

Well, politeness is an instrument to gain the customers but little bluntness will not do any harm, as tomorrow never comes and it is a necessity to make the audience take action at the very moment.

Few examples of Call to action are:

  •  Subscribe to our blog.
  •  Click here (to save or know something in detail)
  • Get a call
  • Sign up for discounts
  • Sign up for newsletters (don’t miss the new offers)
  • Read more
  • Next
  • Download
  • Add to cart
  • But now

And so many more. You need to choose according to your website and the information you have provided.

What makes an effective call to action?

  • Be simple: Never try to be cunning, as it creates a negative impact. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience and then make the call to action button and think is it efficient.
  •  Professional look: Your CTA must look formal or actively visible to the audience so that they could get the chance to click on it.
  • Right place: The CTA needs to be shifted at the right location so that the audience shouldn’t get hyper looped and miss clicking on the CTA.
  • CTA must offer value: None of the visitors is going to click on the CTA if it is not showing any kind of assistance. It is important to make the offers visible to the visitor, like click here to get more information.