What is a tax advisor? How can a tax advisor help you?

You still don’t know what a tax advisor is? A tax and accounting advisor is one who helps freelancers and companies in their tax and accounting obligations. As well as others related to the management and administration of their activity. So, if you are looking for the best tax advisor Thailand, you must read this article before hiring the one.

Here, we will give you 10 basic aspects which a tax advisor should perform.

10 functions that a tax advisor should know and perform

Within the tax consultancy there are different types of advisors. From those that are limited to completing tax settlements, to those that offer a comprehensive advisory service. Let’s look at the functions that an advisor should do. They are the following –

  • Tax planning and advice. Have complete understanding of tax framework. And in defense of the interests of the impostors.
  • Provide information, assistance and representation to taxpayers in their relations with the Tax Administration to make the rights of the taxpayers.
  • Manage and contrast lawful information. Accustomed with the tax regulation.
  • Examine the legal-tax reality to choose the best solutions to certain problems
  • Completion of tax settlements in a timely manner.
  • Provide taxpayers a detailed analysis of the tax regulations.
  • Identify the tax responsibilities related to the incorrect qualification of the operations. And, the breach of the formal and material tax obligations.
  • Advice regarding the taxable event of customs duties, through the knowledge of its regulation.
  • Advice on local taxes and assigned to the autonomous communities, with the objective of applying a methodology of tax optimization for the impostor.
  • Realization of an adequate fiscal planning in relation to the transmission of resources and rights of the impostors.

The functional area of an advisor is broad

The advisor must be more than the professional who attends to pay less taxes. The advisor who makes his user pay less to the treasury is better. Since many times, if that minor payment does not conform to tax laws, the consequences for the taxpayer can be very expensive and tortuous in the long run. The good tax advisor will always and in all circumstances seek to optimize the tax burden of his client.

So, these are some of the basic aspects which you need to consider when hiring the services of a tax advisor in Thailand. Avoiding these aspects are not recommended. Although, you need to trust your own instincts.