What Difference Does Employment Background Screening Make?

Good employees are important; for businesses large and small, a team of solid, trustworthy, skilled workers can be the difference between success and failure. That said, finding this kind of employee is not easy. Luckily, you have background checks to help you. Employment background screenings are an essential tool for finding the people you need to move your business forward.  

The Information You Need

Pre-employment background screenings give you the following valuable information:

Identity Verification

First and foremost, you need to know that the individual you are considering is who they say they are. Without this assurance, further checks are worthless.

Credential Verification

Fudging experience, education, training, and other certifications is sadly a fairly common practice among job applicants. Skilled background screeners carefully review a candidate’s stated education and experience to make certain they have done what they’ve said they’ve done to prepare and be qualified for the job at hand. Individuals who have been less than honest on their applications may not have the skills you need and may act without integrity while in your employ, both of which put your business at risk. 

Criminal History Check

Workplace safety is important, which by itself is reason enough to check the criminal history of potential employees. Other reasons to conduct criminal background checks include the following:

  • Safeguarding of assets
  • Compliance with federal mandates
  • Reduction of the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Protection of your reputation

Driving Record Check

If your business has employees out on the road representing your brand, hiring safe drivers is critical. Often, your drivers are the single point of contact between your company and your customer; you can’t afford to leave the quality of that interaction to chance. Qualified background screeners run thorough checks of driving records and look for past history of license revocations, DUIs, and other moving violations. A clean driving record protects your business. 

Credit Check

While a less-than-stellar credit is not necessarily a disqualifier for most jobs, excessive debt, bankruptcies, and a poor payment history may raise red flags for some positions, especially those that involve direct responsibility over money or other assets. 

Don’t Risk a Bad Hire

Background screenings give you a valuable edge when it comes to making good hires. Comprehensive background checks protect your business from potential criminal harm and ensure that you onboard individuals who have the experience necessary for the position. Don’t rely on the applicant’s words or your instincts alone; get the facts before you hire. Do your due diligence with the help of a professional background check.