What are some helpful tips in landing a job?

Here’s a list of pointers:

  1. An interview with the agency shouldn’t be treated any different. Dress to the occasion and be punctual. Positive body language, attentiveness, and eloquent answers are all a must. Bring your resume and be prepared for a standard set of questions, as well as any skill assessment test. 
  2. Be truthful. Are you ready for a permanent position in a firm or are you looking to hone your skills? Be straightforward and forthcoming about your career history, in case of any sabbatical, so on and so forth.  It’s vital that you are honest about everything, including your days of availability so as to not cause any disruption in the future.
  3. Do not limit your scope of finding a job. You can’t afford to be choosy. Success is a ladder, not an elevator. If you are patient and take up what comes your way, it could open the doors for much bigger prospects. 
  4. Continue to find a job on your own. Lookup advertisements, send your resumes online, ask people for references. 
  5. Getting a job is not the end. You still have to maintain communication with the agency regarding factors like a job interview, the nature of the job, hours, salary, etc. 
  6. You are welcome to say no if the hours or fee is not to your liking. 
  • Do I have to consider the brand image of the company?   

In any business, networking and building deep, social relationships are fundamental to landing a good job. It is more than just maintaining contact with someone for a one-time-only transaction; it is about setting up a meeting with entrepreneurs and business professionals to establish a relationship over the long term.  They can open up doors you never dreamed of.  

This is why it’s important to know the kind of companies that the agency like hunt is affiliated with. Do they have business ties with them? If any agency is working with reputed companies, they are going to be shouting about it from the rooftops. 

  • Should I take an agency’s advice?

Yes! You may not be fully informed on how to write a proper resume. The agency can train you on how to do so. Just take their guidance and don’t be irritable about it. Agencies have your best interest at heart.

  • Do I have to return feedback? 

It’s one of the policies of any employment agency to ask for feedback after a said interview. So yes, do them a favour and give it.