Avoid these Bad Practices in Social Media Marketing for your Business

Today we all are living in an age of science. Everything around us is an example of science. Even our conversations today i.e. man to man interaction has been replaced by social media. Social media has now become a modern version of gatherings.

We are now going to talk about social media marketing. There are three words here that require our attention those are social, media and marketing.

Social means, “relating to society or its organization.” Media refers to, “main means of mass communication.” And lastly, Marketing, according to Wikipedia, “ marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships, with its focus on customers.” Together, it means, “ use of social media platforms to promote a product or service.”

Social Media: Emerging as a new platform for marketing

In recent days, technology has grown rapidly. There was a time when a common man cannot afford a television. But now the time has changed, today everyone has a television at there house. Everyone is using mobile phones. Even a child who can not speak properly is using a mobile phone. This shows how far technology has come and how is this affecting our day to day life.

So in this world of technology why marketing should be left behind. Marketing has now grown modern and social media marketing is that new technology.

Today millions of people are connected together. How? Because of social media. A person sitting in one corner of the earth can communicate with another person sitting in another corner of the earth. This is possible only because of social media. This line is sufficient enough to show the reach of social media. Several growth hacking agency also channelises the importance of social media marketing.

Therefore our approach to communicating is shifted towards social marketing And due to this shift, social media marketing has emerged. Use of social media has also created opportunities for an online marketer to engage with customers who they otherwise have not been able to meet through the traditional method of marketing.

Social Media Marketing Strategies:

There is a keyword that needs to be clarified and that is “strategy”. Strategy means, “a plan of action required to achieve a long-term or overall aim.”

Hence the term social media marketing strategy can be defined as “ a game plan to build awareness for your business and grow your following on social media.” The more specific your strategy is the more effective the execution will be.

The strategy should contain small tasks to be achieved. It should always be planned keeping in mind what is the targeted customer. The planner should be well aware of the requirements of the customer and be able to connect with them.

Courses for social media marketing:

Importance of social media marketing can be understood as there are so many courses available online and offline for this purpose. Diploma degrees are also provided for these courses. Social media marketing has a vast application that it requires well-trained employees for this purpose. Every company wants to reach to the common user. And for this purpose, social media is a very effective platform. These courses not only provide degrees but also jobs. As everyone knows the importance and power of social media.

Techniques required for social media marketing:

Today social media has become much more than the social networking platform. Social media is used for a variety of purposes today as marketing, planning, selling, etc.

There can be plenty of techniques for social media marketing. Some of them are as follows:

  • Producing content based on multimedia
  • Creating contests
  • Online campaigning
  • Build own app
  • Provide internships to promote your company
  • Build profiles on different social media sites
  • Conduct online polls and surveys
  • Conduct events
  • Build own network
  • Utilize popular social media sites

These are some techniques that anyone can try for social media marketing.

Benefits of social media marketing:

As far in this article, we have seen what social media marketing is. It’s strategies, techniques, and its emergence. Here we will discuss the benefits of social media marketing.

Some advantages of social media marketing are:

  • Growing your brand
  • Connecting to customers
  • Promoting your products
  • Creating brand recognition
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Increasing brand value
  • Getting effective cost
  • Faster easier communication
  • Boost organic visibility
  • Increase website traffic
  • Competition tracking
  • Getting the most out of social media

These are some general benefits of social media. There is a more vast application area of social media than you can imagine.


Social media marketing is a very vast topic and there are so many studies done on this topic and so much literature is also available. The effect of social media can be seen in local as well as global area. There is no area untouched of social media that’s why social media is used as a popular platform for marketing by several growth hacking agency.

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