The Perfect Business Collection Options for You Now

The cases of charging for vehicles are different from others because they have a warranty, which can be a car, a motorcycle, a truck or any other vehicle. This factor directly influences the collection approach because, for the most part, seizing this good generates a great loss for the lender. Unlike service charges or common credit, the warranty may be depreciated, damaged and generate debt. Because of this, vehicle billing needs to take into account not only a debtor’s payment potential, but also the state of collateral to determine the strategy.

Cases where a vehicle has been crashed or even stolen tend to be more difficult to receive as the defaulter can no longer enjoy the good.

Vehicle collection advisors who make search and seizure processes need, in accordance with the rules established for judicial collection, to have a lawyer on staff. With the use of the business collection agency you can expect the best results now.

WO charge

Contrary to WO’s meaning in sports, which use the term to identify an “easy win” when the opponent does not attend. In billing, the term WO identifies charges that have already become a loss, the Write-Off. These are cases that are past 360 days late and have a low recovery rate. This type of debt becomes an injury to the lender. This means that, even with the difficulty of receiving, any achievement within this type of portfolio already counts as a positive to reduce the loss generated.


Imagine a collection office that works with various types of collection and needs to contact each of the defaulters. It seems impossible to manually call each of them, doesn’t it? To facilitate this process and help reduce costs, dialers are essential tools. They are responsible for dialing wallet contacts and forwarding the call to a credit operator. In addition to this main function, there are some other features that can facilitate the collection work according to the advisory strategy. Know the main types of dialers and their attributes.

Power dialer

This type of dialer works like an automatic call button. It has no type of filter or strategy to turn on. The power dialer job is based on calling all numbers in a billing wallet and forwarding the calls directly to the operator. It is popularly referred to as a “dumb machine gun” as it does not filter whether you want calls on which the number is busy or in voice mail.


Lack of dialing direction causes operators to waste time on calls that are not ready to answer, causing time and productivity losses. However, the power dialer is an excellent alternative in cases where it is defined in a contract that the advisory is required to call on all numbers in the wallet. Like the power dialer, the predictive dialer dials all numbers in the wallet. Its difference is in intelligence when forwarding to an operator.