Underlying Differences Between Manufacturer Warranty And Protection Plans With Veritas Global Protection

Many people who have previously owned a car already know that maintaining a car can be so expensive, so investing in a top-notch auto warranty or protection plan to cushion you from the ever-rising cost of repairs is a wise move. There’s no doubt a majority of drivers are now aware that auto protection plans are essentials you cannot avoid, but apparently a significant number of them do not have full knowledge of the differences between manufacturer warranty and auto protection plans from third parties. 

Auto insurance is different from auto protection and warranty since it is a protection against any damages that may be as a result of a collision or third party damages. Auto insurance will cover risks such as theft, specific natural disasters, collision accidents. Since these are risks that we cannot tell if they will happen or not, they are considered pure risks. on the other hand, manufacturer warranties are a type of protection against known damages to your car due to mechanical or technical issues such as engine breakdown, powertrain, corrosion, battery, driveshafts, and more. It means that drivers who lack a comprehensive insurance cover or who completely lack insurance protection (which is not a likely case because of the minimum insurance every motorist must carry) can opt for auto protection plans and turn to them for help whenever an emergency happens. 

This is because auto insurance covers are not designed to cover faulty components, mechanical breakdowns, or the labor costs that go into fixing the problem. This is where the auto warranty plan becomes handy. When you buy a new car, the manufacturer’s price is likely to include the warranty cost and the labor costs that will go into repairing the affected components for the set period or mileage. This type of warranty is known as manufacturer warranty or new car warranty, and it covers things such as bumper-to-bumper coverage that includes HVAC systems, radio systems, etc. and powertrain coverage (which is all about the engine and batteries in the case of electric cars).

New car warranties are not designed to cover regular maintenance on things such as tire changes or fluids. Every manufacturer has a unique offering when it comes to warranties so it is important for those planning to buy a new car to check out all the features of the warranty plans so as to be sure of the perks they are going to enjoy.

Once your original warranty expires, you cannot renew it, instead, you can only consider purchasing an auto protection plan from third-party dealerships. You can choose the right third-party company that offers a cheaper warranty or one whose auto protection plans provide a wide range of coverage areas. For example, Veritas Global Protection is known to provide auto protection warranties that cover a lot more components than what manufacturer warranties provide. 

For instance, Veritas Global Protection specializes in warranties that go beyond powertrain to include brake pads, collision, and roadside assistance, as well as providing temporary means of transport in case your car breaks down in the middle of a trip. Therefore, before your manufacturer warranty expires, it is important for drivers to choose a warranty from Veritas Global Protection for guaranteed peace of mind and to avoid paying an extra could that would otherwise be used to fuel your car. 

Third-party warranties such as those from Veritas do not have a ceiling on how often you can make claims during the warranty period. On the other hand, auto insurance companies tend to increase the rates if you file far too many claims. If you have ever dealt with repairs involving a manufacturer’s warranty, you already know that it is such a gamble. For instance, a majority of the dealerships will only allow you to repair your car from a particular mechanic or auto repair shop. This means you are going to have to accept working with the mechanic even if they are providing substandard service. 

In contrast, companies such as Veritas do not tie car owners to a specific mechanic to handle their repair needs. Instead, they allow you the liberty to choose your preferred auto repair shop provided it meets the quality requirements. Warranties provided by Veritas have received A+ ratings from Better Business Bureau and over 4-star ratings from some of the leading customer review sites. As a company that focuses on customer experience, you are assured of working with a team of friendly customer service representatives at all times. If you have any further questions regarding auto warranty plans, contact Veritas Global Protection and schedule a discussion that will culminate in securing customized auto protection plans.