Two-wheeler insurance: Coverage and Exclusions

In India, it is mandatory to have two-wheeler insurance as per the ‘Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.’ Comprehensivetwo-wheeler insurance keeps you and your vehicle safe. It also protects your vehicle against all the naturalcalamities as well as man-made disasters. If your vehicle gets involved in an accident and the insurance coverage is low then you might have to shed lots of money to cover for the losses. Therefore, purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy is a must.

  • Various insurance policies

There are two types of two-wheeler insurance policies:

Comprehensive policy:A two wheeler insurance third party policy protects your vehicle against riot, strikes, floods, earthquakes or any other calamities. This policy has various types of add-ons too. The accidental cover is also offered to the rider in case of an accident.

Comprehensive policy plan covers the following:

  1. Natural events or calamities that include fire, earthquake, flood, landslides, storms, hurricane, hailstorm, etc.
  2. Man-made activities that include damages caused to the vehicle due to humans. It could be an accident mishap, riot, strikes, thefts, malicious acts, etc.
  3. Transit damage caused while transferring your vehicle by road, rail, water or air.
  4. Personal accident coverage includes compensation for damages when you are riding a bike, mounting or dismounting it.

Third-party insurance policy:Only losses caused to the aggrieved third party or their vehicle due to an accident are coveredin this policy.

Third-party motor insurance covers the following:

If there are fatal or non- fatal injuries to a third party or damages to his/her property then your insurance will cover it up.

  • Exclusions of comprehensive policy are as follows:
  1. If the vehicle is used out of the geographical location mentioned in the policy then you will not get any coverage.
  2. Coverage will be provided only if you have a valid license. Your compensation will be rejected and your coverage will be invalid if you are involved in an accident without a valid license.
  3. If the driver is found to be under the consumption of toxic substances (drugs or alcohol) during an accident than he/ she will not get any coverage.
  • Exclusions of third-party policy are as follows:
  1. Your damaged vehicle will not be covered during an accident. Only third-party damages and liabilities will be covered.
  2. If the damage is because of no collision then it will not be covered under third-party policy.
  3. Damages caused due to natural disasters or calamities will not be covered under this policy.
  4. Personal accident costs will not be covered here.


Before you buy an insurance policy from the market, make sure to go through the above-mentioned inclusionsand exclusions. This will help you in selecting the best deal for your insurance. Now that you know what all is covered and what is not covered in a two wheeler insurance policy,buy the best deal that suits your requirements and preferences. Also, do not forget to compare various policies online before buying.