Which Is Better – Ship Your Motorcycle Or Buy Or Rent Locally?

While on a holiday, nothing would be better than having your motorcycle with you to take you wherever you want to go. You can explore and discover at your leisure pace without any limitation.

Traveling by motorcycle is an unforgettable experience, but there might be times when that may be difficult or impractical to do. Like when you are traveling by flight, shifting houses, or traveling across the country. In these circumstances, people look to motorcycle shipping agencies to get the job done.

Finding a trusty shipping agency that has prompt delivery services and proper care measures during travel has every vehicle lover in a fix. However, not to worry, Ship a Car, Inc. is a certified worldwide shipping company providing the best motorcycle shipping service.

Pros and Cons of shipping your motorcycle or buy or rent locally

Shipping your motorcycle is a very doable option and most of the paperwork is handled and arranged by the shipping agencies, so you have less to worry about. However, with chances of overseas travel, delays should be kept into account.

If you are on a tight schedule of 2 – 3 weeks then it would not be advisable to ship your bike. Here, you can either buy or rent a motorcycle. Renting a motorcycle is perfect for short trips but heavy on the pockets due to security deposits.

Some people tend to buy a motorcycle during their travels. This is the best hassle-free way to travel and you can, later on, sell it to another traveler and so get some of your money back.

How to ship your motorcycle in the most affordable way

  • Try moving your motorcycle yourselfYou can either borrow a pickup truck or rent a trailer for a few days of travel. Get a ramp and strong tie-downs to keep your bike in place and have the assistance of another while loading and unloading.
  • Check if the driver is licensed and insured When hiring an agency it is mandatory to check if they are licensed and insured and also whether they can provide you with a way to track your shipment. These things are necessary so that you don’t end up with a damaged or MIA motorcycle.
  • Hire Experts Experienced and certified shipping companies have a proper understanding of how to handle your vehicles. They can properly advise you whether to use an open or closed transportation medium that best suits your time, distance, and budget.
  • Watch out for additional feesWhen booking under a shipping agency always keep in mind and ask about the additional fees that you might incur. Long-distance travel has fees such as toll and lift-gate fees and also fuel surges. Confirm all the details beforehand so that you can be clear of any additional fees during delivery.
  • Getting Insurance Insurance and valuation coverage is included at all times in the shipment bill by the service providers. Ask them about it so that you have a proper understanding of all the cost upfront and then make a clear decision.

Properly invest your time and money into your motorcycle transport services. Ask all the right questions, so that you are stress-free about the transportation option you have selected.