The Importance of Plastics Moisture Analysis

In plastic production, the moisture content of the plastic pellets that will be used needs to be controlled and regulated because this is one of the key factors when it comes to the production of high quality plastic products. Monitoring the moisture content in plastic resins is important for the production of high-quality plastic products.

In plastics, the moisture content is deemed as animportant parameter, thus, precise measurements are necessary for manufacturing these materials and for guaranteeing the overall quality of the process. Moisture affects the processing capacity of almost all plastics, especially hygroscopic equivalents like nylon (polyamide) and polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT).

Conventionally, the moisture content of plastics has been founded through Karl Fischer titration (ASTM D 6869) or via different methods such as utilizing vacuum and heat to eliminate plastics moisture until a constant weight is reached. On the other hand, these methods are not only time-intensive but also heavily dependent on the thermal solidity and the stability of water content of the polymer. This is why it is essential to ensure that all the plastics moisture included in the raw material is identified and effectively extracted and that any other products that may be developed from the plastic are not clouded with H2O while the polymer is being heated.

A lot of companies that deal with plastic production use plastics moisture analyzer because they need to ensure that the plastic pellets have the permissible moisture content before it can be used for production. Plastics moisture analyzers are types of a device that is designed for measuring the moisture content of plastic pellets that will be used for production. Both small and big companies especially those in manufacturing sector use this device to make sure that the moisture content within a product meets the industry specification by verifying the weight loss during the manufacturing process.

Plastic Moisture Analyzers like the one sold by Data Support Company are used to test the amount of plastic resin that has been impacted by ambient moisture after which necessary adjustments are introduced on the materials. Injection molding companies that use a wide variety of resin formulation have different methods for testing that are different for each. For practical purposes, these different type of devices for moisture analysis can gauge the effect of moisture throughout the manufacturing process whether that moisture is within the products or is influenced by the humidity on the manufacturing station.