Philanthropist Joey Horn Promotes Remarkable Female Artists

Over the years philanthropist Joey Horn has recognized the inspirational potential female visual artists can have on individuals and the community. Horn believes in women supporting the work of other women, especially when it comes to the work they do in areas like the arts. Art has the tendency to become overlooked, underfunded, and not appreciated in the same way as work in other industries and areas does.

By using her personal and business networks, Horn has worked hard to promote the visibility of remarkable female artists. Three artists in particular have benefited from Horn’s attention: Lin Tianmiao, Shilpa Gupta, and Laylah Ali.

Lin Tianmiao is a female Chinese artist that specializes in textile design and contemporary installations. Tianmiao creates large scale pieces of art that is her interpretation of the female role in society and how it is viewed and has changed throughout history. The artist forces viewers to confront gender stereotypes, reexamine ideas about the female role, and introduce new ways to think about the responsibility we play in creating the evolution of these ideas. In her art, Tianmiao uses everyday objects that are generally associated with females and the roles they fill on a day to day basis. Joey Horn has recognized the importance of Tianmiao’s work in dismantling the stereotypes women face.

Shilpa Gupta is another female artist that Horn recognized as a creator of important visual art work with the potential to shape society. As an Indian artist Gupta has worked in many different areas of visual arts that includes, video, sculpture, found art installations, and several other forms of media. Gupta’s goal is to force viewers to consider her pieces, pieces that she creates with the intention of taking up space and forcing your attention. Issues such as power, control, gender roles, and violence against women are just some of the important ideas that are examined. Gupta has been recognized in art circles and has displayed her art around the globe.

Artist Laylah Ali creates visual art that pulls from her own experiences to depict an illustrated look at race relations and how they seep into our daily lives. Ali’s work is not only timely, but graphic and original enough to grab the attention of everyone that looks at it. Her success in the visual art world has inspired student artists where ever it has been displayed and that makes it even more critical that she has the support to get her work out there.

Horn is as dedicated to her role in business administration and managements as she is the visual arts. As the managing director of Oslo firm, Oak Management, Horn is involved in managing the investments made by the financial institution. Horn’s work in the non profit sector is what has positioned her in a place to lend help to visual artists that she has recognized as bright stars in the community. Through her business networks, Horn was able to connect with several art non profits and even served on their boards to help further their mission.