Liu Qiangdong Knows How To Sell Ice Cream

If you don’t think it’s possible to sell millions of ice cream products in a short amount of time, you may want to think again. According to recent data, a company known as JD sold several million ice cream products last month. Continue reading to see how this company achieved great success.

The Power Of A Strong Promotion

By using an extremely enticing promotion, the company was able to feature more than 350 different types of ice cream products in July. These top notch ice cream products came from over 25 brands. The company ran the promotion for seven days.

Buying Ice Cream Online Is A Great Idea

In the past several years, customers typically purchased ice cream in the grocery stores because the products would be cold when they arrived home. In addition, some people like buying ice cream in convenience stores. Many people are hesitant to buy ice cream online. After all, many consumers are thinking “wouldn’t the ice cream products melt before they are delivered to my home?”

Advantages To Shopping With JD

Thankfully, JD offers its customers peace of mind. Whenever people order ice cream from this great company, they can rest assured that the products will arrive completely frozen. The company prides itself on offering super fast delivery and melt insurance. JD also offers “scheduled purchase,” which is a feature that allows consumers to set up future orders. As always, this excellent company will make sure that every customer’s needs are met.

Ice Cream Consumer Trends You Should Know

Would you like to know some fun facts about ice cream consumption? During the company’s promotion last month, many consumers preferred to purchase a popular ice cream flavor known as barely leaves. Many ice cream lovers prefer to purchase mini-size products.

The Best Time To Buy Ice Cream Online

Did you know that many people prefer to purchase ice cream products late at night? The company offers enticing ice cream coupons around midnight. Many people think of online ice cream shopping as a big stress reliever.

About JD

Since its founding several years ago, has grown exponentially. Today, the company has many loyal customers who enjoy shopping for high quality ice cream products. Many people also enjoy buying fresh produce from JD. All of the products that the company offers are geared toward the typical consumer.

In the future, the company will expand its offerings to other parts of the globe. More than 300 million people shop at JD. Many customers love the fact that products can be delivered the same or next day. One of the company’s most popular ice cream product is mini Cornetto. JD is a true leader in the e-commerce industry.

About Liu Qiangdong

Liu Qiangdong is the primary person responsible for running JD. A native of China, this successful entrepreneur recognized the value of hard work at an early age. After earning a bachelor’s degree, he worked at a business that specialized in herbal supplements. During his time at this company, he gained many skills in e-commerce. Over time, he eventually served in a leadership position.

By using many of his e-commerce skills, he eventually founded As a powerful business owner, he doesn’t see the company slowing down anytime soon. He always pays close attention to customer satisfaction and product quality. There is no doubt that Liu Qiangdong has many great insights into the e-commerce industry. One of his primary goals is to ensure that the company always maintains a smooth user experience.

Even though JD started from humble beginnings, many people consider it a household company.