Noteworthy Features of CC-LINK IE TSN

The CC-Link IE TSN is the first amid many which coalesce Gigabit Ethernet Bandwidth with Time-Sensitive Networking. This would help a great deal with combining real-time control communication with non-real time information communication. This would bring a deterministic change that would ultimately be beneficial for you. This you would not be able to do with general-purpose serving industrial ethernet. CC-Link IE TSN would help in strengthening performance and functionality as well as motion control.

This would help a great deal among various industries and factories. It would support more and more development methods, easier implementation of the changes and increasing the number of compatible products. This would in general help with the acceleration of the construction of smart factories.

As the need of the customers is growing more and more, there is a trend in manufacturing industry toward automation, which would help in reducing the cost of ownership and would also help in improving the quality as well. Here you would get to know about some of the crucial features that CC-Link IE TSN would be providing you with.    

Control and Information Communication Integration: 

When you give high priority to cyclic communication regarding device control. And also, by allocating bandwidth, CC-Link IE TSN would offer you a network environment. 

This would help with the communication of the IT systems while helping with controlling system devices with cyclic real-time communication. The mixture would mean that the device which would be using UDP or TCP communication could be connected to the network for high-accuracy diagnostics, monitoring, and analysis for betterment.   

System Setup and Predictive Maintenance: 

This is also compatible with SNMP, which would help with the easier diagnosis of network devices. Also, until now you would have been requiring special tools when you were collecting data from various devices. 

But with SNMP, you would be able to analyze data that is compatible with devices with CC-Link IE TSN or IP communication. This would help in reducing the time and cost that you would be spending on system administration.  

Reducing Cycle Time with Optimum Motion Control: 

CC-Link IE TSN uses a time-sharing mode. This calls for a time trigger along with bidirectional communication to achieve less cycle time. Either by increasing the servo amplifier number or by adding sensors to expand the production line. 

CC-Link IE TSN allows manifold communication cycles, for it to be used within the matching set of connections. This is the future and the present of how the industry is evolving with science helping with the shaping of the economy.