Being Your Most Productive Self

No one wants to waste time on the job but learning to be efficient and productive can be challenging. There are several habits you can teach yourself with a little persistence. The end result will be days where you feel better and get more accomplished.

Exercise Early

Not everyone can work in a 5 AM spin class each morning, but most people can begin each day with 10-30 minutes of exercising. Just a little bit of stretching and movement can provide you with energy throughout the day. Exercising also releases endorphins to help you feel good before you jump into the rat race.

Control Email

Successful businessmen like Eyal Gutentag will tell you to manage your email so that it doesn’t manage you, and that’s great advice. Put your phone in the drawer and turn off the email alert on your computer before you begin work so that you can focus on the task at hand. Believe it or not, studies have been done that prove multitasking is not efficient even though it feels like it is. Concentrate on finishing one or two projects without distractions before checking your email or text messages.

Create a Path

Creating a path to success is as simple as writing down what you want to accomplish each day including scheduling in brain breaks. Set a timer and work for a certain amount of time, and then allow yourself to walk away for 5-10 minutes to refocus your eyes, drink water, and stretch your legs. Staying healthy is part of being productive. As you finish each chore, reward yourself with a big checkmark or thick strike through. If you don’t finish what’s on your list, transfer what remains to the top of tomorrow’s list.

Becoming more efficient is all about creating and sticking to habits that make you more efficient. Instead of complaining that you don’t get enough done each day, try another way that experts swear by. Over the course of a few weeks, as the habits become routine, you will likely find yourself reclaiming time in your day.