Landmark Financial Tokyo Review of Trump Properties in 2020

Iran currently monitors the United States President Donald Trump’s properties as targets because of killing their Iranian general on January 2 in Iraq. As a significant real estate property investor, Trump established Trump Organization with several real estates in eleven countries around the world, like Canada, Dubai, Ireland, Turkey India, Indonesia, Scotland, South Korea, the Philippines, St. Martin, and Uruguay. 

Could these properties be potential targets of the Iranian retaliation? Financial firms like Landmark Financial Tokyo review the possibility of these real estate assets under the threat of an Iranian attack.

Trump Property Potential Attack

If Iran does attack Trump’s properties in the country, the president will consider the attack to be a significant act of terrorism, which will trigger an aggressive response from the United States military. It could then be devastating for Iran. Also, it could increase support for Trump, which will help him in the next election in November.

An attack on any of Trump’s property outside of the United States will be a different scenario. While it wouldn’t trigger a violation of the sovereignty of the United States, the country may still retaliate against Iran because of the alliances of the US with the foreign countries. Indeed, the effects of the US and Iran retaliation on finances can be significant and long-term as what Landmark Financial Tokyo Review perceives. 

Enhanced Trump Property Security

An Iranian official on January 5, advises Trump that Iran is tracking his properties. Hesameddin Ashena, who is running the research outfit of the Iranian president, posted a tweet linking to a webpage from Forbes on the personal wealth of Trump. While the post has no comment, 19 properties of Trump Organization are listed, and most of which are in the United States. These could be the next potential targets if Iran is serious about its threat to Trump and the United States.

In a Lawfare podcast, Suzanne Maloney, Iran scholar of the Brookings Institution, said that Iran would likely find a chance to hurt President Trump personally by striking back against his properties. But she assumes that the security around Trump’s wealth is enhanced as the president is expecting various attacks to happen.

Digital Disruption

According to security experts, Iran has strong cyber warfare capabilities that could cause potential significant digital disruption. Individual organizations can be affected by cyberattacks, in which power grids and other infrastructure can be disabled. Iranian-backed militias may cause trouble in other countries in the Middle East, such as Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. There are a lot of possibilities at this point.

Final Thoughts

2020 opened with a possible World War 3. Trump’s properties have enhanced security with the anticipated potential Iranian attacks. Landmark Financial Tokyo review that if they attack any of the Trump property inside the country, it could lead to a significant US retaliation, which can potentially devastate Iran. However, if they attack any of Trump’s wealth outside the United States, then there will be a thorough investigation and possible cooperation of the United States military in helping its allies.