Choosing a premium domain names – Dos and Don’ts

Rising entrepreneur or a seasoned businessman, are you planning to take your business online? You need to start your online journey from somewhere. That somewhere is – domain name for your business website. It’s the prime way used by potential and active customers to reach your online portal. It’s vital to choose a premium and powerful domain name for your business.

Here’s a list of things you should do, and not, to get the best domain name for your venture:

  • Choosing a unique name.

Although, it’s sane-mindedness to go with the name that depicts your business or yourself (if you are branding yourself). But before you choose a domain name like or, you should cross-check Google and other popula9r search engines. You should type in the name you are thinking about and see if any domain name pops up similar to the name you thought. If even a single domain name matches your to-be domain name, then think about another domain name. Choosing your domain name the same as any other domain name is like digging up a grave for the organic online growth of your own business. Don’t do that.

  • Make it easy to type.

It will become your scariest nightmare if your clients mistype your domain name and land on a completely different site. To make sure that the organic traffic that’s meant to flow on your webpage, flows on your webpage, you should choose a domain name that is easy to remember. It should be subtly memorable after the first time you mention it.

  • Make it brandable and short.

Your domain name should be brandable. It should carry itself in the market and radiate a positive and efficient vibe all around. Among numerous domains for sale, you should select the name that best suits the service/product you provide. Apart from that, the name should also be catchy and modern. It should sound like it can make things happen, which others cannot. The apt domain name will give a headstart to your business by working its charm on customers and attracting many more potential customers.

  • Consider experimenting with Non-traditional TLDs.

TLDs or Top-Level Domains are the most premium domains and are highest in the hierarchy of domains of their area. These TLD extensions are prone to attracting more traffic than normal domain names.

Such local TLDs are now popular around the world. A few examples of such domain names are – .io,.it,.to,.in, etc.

These TLDs can be used creatively to get better attention. For example, if your business offers travel packages, then you can go for the domain ‘’. The ‘.it’ TLD was locally Italian, but now with your domain name explore, the TLD echoes the service you provide.

  • Consider buying other TLDs as well.

While you might have brought the most popular TLD like .com or .co for your company, but the uncertainty is yet to be sidetracked. For the sake of backup, you should consider buying other TLDs as well, with the same name as the prime site, and then redirect them all to your prime website. For example, if you go for the name ‘’, then you should also buy ‘’, ‘’, ‘example.aus’, etc and redirect these all to ‘’. This way, you are adding a layer of insulation to your organic traffic and bringing more people to your online store.

  • Help yourself to some domain name generators.

It’s tiring to search for every domain name’s availability that you have shortlisted. That’s why domain name generators were invented. When in doubt, you should search for the best domain name generator and get the appropriate and brandable site address for your business.

  • Choose a domain name that you can own.

Once you choose a domain name without checking its availability with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, an infringing would be bad for your reputation. Also, an unregistered domain name will take a toll on your pocket and cause resistance in your growth. Therefore, to be super sure about all the copyright issues that might pop-up, you should check the first four pages of the search engine with your would-be domain name and then double-check it with the USPTO office.

  • Don’t want to compromise?

If you want to choose a catchy or millennial name, then chances are that people will misspell it. The misspelled domain names will lead your traffic to a third-party site, and you don’t want that. So avoiding such an issue, you should buy the domain names with common misspellings of your name. Once you have availed most, if not all the misspelled domain names, redirect them to your primary website.

This article talked through some of the best steps to follow for choosing the premium domain name for your business. Now, what are you waiting for? You know everything about domain names, why wait? Go grab your favorite domain name and grow your business online.