How to Start a Coworking Space with Authentic Networking?

The concept of coworking was initiated by Bernie DeKoven in the year 1995 and the first coworking space was established in San Francisco in 2005. Since then as many as 400 registered coworking spaces were reported functioning around the world as on July 201 and many individual professionals from numerous and diverse work experiences are increasingly getting engaged in the coworking spaces which has over the period grown into thousands. If you are interested to join a coworking space find one near your location but the select the best and reliable in terms of infrastructures and amenities that are available in the coworking space such as The Hive.

It is beyond debate that one of the most beneficial resources available to the businesses and entrepreneurs is from the coworking spaces. A coworking space is a shared working environment that gives the opportunity to people to work, meet, share ideas and experiences, network, and collaborate on different projects they are working with. 

You will have two different experiences in the coworking spaces such as these spaces are independent of single business or offices but instead, they bring together business professionals and entrepreneurs from numerous areas of expertise, businesses and industries. The coworking spaces are considered great ideas for independent contractors and for individuals who travel constantly. The coworking spaces are also very good for anyone who is interested in a creative and convenient place for working.

There are numerous advantages of joining a coworking space and this is the reason the coworking spaces are fast emerging and growing in popularity. However, since the concept is considerably new and there may not be a coworking space near you to join or you may not be feeling comfortable with the coworking space that is near you, you can eventually start a coworking space yourself. Primarily, you only need a space and group of people who have shared an interest to start with a coworking space.

In order to start a coworking space, you need to first do research and ensure that there is a demand for a coworking space in your area. Never expect that you will build the coworking space and everybody will come and join you automatically. Since the idea of coworking is completely new to many people you will have to do a lot of awareness generation and motivation. You can consider organising some events in order to drum up interest and create some Facebook or Meetup groups and invite the friends and communities to join the coworking space. Remember, though there is no significant demand for the coworking space in your area, still, you can start on a smaller level which will eventually grow.