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After going through your entire project planning and working out a foolproof questionnaire, you’re almost ready to submit your research, right? Yes, but let’s take it easy. We still need to check a few items from our survey checklist to make sure everything is really ready for the respondent to start browsing the survey.

Allowing errors in your research can compromise the progress of the collection and make it difficult or even impossible – to analyze the results. To prevent this from happening, we have made a checklist of items that must be checked before triggering the survey for respondents:

Cover all scenarios

In your survey questions, you need to make sure that you offer all possible answer choices so that respondents are not left out. In a practical example, if you ask which social networks people are using, you need to be prepared so that one or more respondents are not in any of the social networking options you have offered or registered in one you do not even know about. One strategy to prevent this from happening is to use the “None” and “Other” response options.

The right types of question

In preparing the survey questionnaire, there are several types of question that can be used. Single Answer, Multiple Answer, Scale, Text, Number, and Date / Time questions. Before submitting the survey, test the questionnaire. See if the question types match what you need to get in your answers.

For example, if your goal is to know which major brands of a particular product are consumed by your audience, your question should allow the respondent to enter all of the branding options they usually consume. In this case, make sure you have programmed a multiple answer question. If the goal is to discover only the most consumed brand, choose the single answer question. Thus the user needs to indicate only the brand that they trust or prefer the most.

Spell Proofreading

Ok, we all know that making mistakes is human and that Portuguese is a complex language, full of small details that can go unnoticed at first glance. Still, when it comes to finalizing a market survey, it is important to thoroughly go through the words and phrases written in the questionnaire to ensure no mistakes have escaped. Typos and misspellings can often compromise the credibility of the survey and cause the most demanding respondents to abandon the survey as a result.

The tip in this case is basic: review. And if after a while the look of the person who wrote and programmed the questionnaire gets “tired,” ask someone to help you with the task and proofread the text as well.

The opening message

It may seem strange, but the survey opening message is written and personalized only at the end of the survey programming process. At this stage, write a succinct message that can convince the audience to open and answer that questionnaire. To do this correctly, make sure that the text has the same message tone used throughout the survey and matches the overall research theme.

The right audience for research

After you are done with the questionnaire, just choose the ideal respondent option to receive and answer the questionnaire. If you haven’t defined exactly who your target audience will be, take a moment to check out the info graphic we have developed to help you define the ideal audience for your search more about Wow essays