A Dazzling Number of Business Sign Options

There are many different types of business signs a business owner can invest in, with varying purposes, sizes, styles, and materials too. When you want to get a customer’s attention certain types are more effective. When you want to give customers information there is another type. All of them are a great way to market and convey a core message. Here is a look at why business signs are so important and some of the different types that are that. From pole signs Los Angeles, to bright neon lights, here are some sign types below.

Why are business signs so important?

Perhaps you are opening a new business, or you are looking at your old signs and wondering if the cost of replacements is worth the effort. Whatever the reason you are researching business sign options, you should know there is a good reason why there are so many, and why businesses invest in custom-made signs. First of all, compared to other types of advertising, business signs are low cost. For a small investment, you get something that is visible and draws people in. Apart from online marketing, there is not much else you can do that is as cost-effective.

Other reasons include they make sure customers can find you, rather than wandering around and ending up at your competitor’s store. You can reach a lot of people, just think each day how may drive or walk past. Also, it is a long term investment, so those monument signs Los Angeles, get a lot of views over a long period.

Popular business signs A to Z

Animations – These can be LCD, LED or neon and they use certain effects so that they appear to be animated. Animated signs draw a lot of attention because the movement catches the eye.

Billboard signs – A larger investment but they are in the best locations to get attention so you can spread your branding to thousands of people a day potentially.

Building signs – Building signs are signs placed on the sides of buildings to indicate either a location or a brief message about your business. They can be lit up to also function when it is dark and come in different types.

Bulletin board – You can place it in the front window of the business to give important information to potential customers. For example, a restaurant might use one to place their best menu items on.

Canopy sign – Placed on a canopy over entrances of businesses.

Commercial banners and flags – These tend to be short term options as they are made from paper, fabric or plastic.

Freestanding sign – Any sign that is not attached to something and has its own metal or wooden frame is a freestanding sign.

Light outdoor signs – Any sign that lights up and is outside, this includes neon signs or scrolling message signs.

Monument signs – Monument signs Los Angeles, and elsewhere, are a ground sign on a structure that is made from stone or wood, near to the business but often not right outside it.

Neon sign – Bright and eye-catching, great for drawing people’s attention to them, and in turn to your business.

Pole sign – Pole signs Los Angeles and beyond are just signs that are on a pole and not supported by anything else.

Portable sign – Typical examples are real estate signs.

Roof sign – Often people will use their roof space as a place for a roof sign to advertise.

Transit signs – Placed on buses, coaches, taxi cabs and such.


If you are a business owner you should be thinking about the kind of signs you are using, and getting a good mix of several to take advantage of what they offer.