Direct Marketing

Promote Your Business with Monument Signs

When it comes to looking at tools a small business can use for marketing an affordable and very successful option is the use of different types of well places signs. Running a business is hard and competitive and having attractive signs that make you stand out will help. There are several types of professional sign making companies, so find the best quality work and see the kind of architectural signs you can have made. One great example if the monument sign. These are free-standing, so not attached to a building,  often made to look as if they are made from brick or stone and have a strong base, made to be at a lower level than a lot of signs.

How can they benefit your business

You can have help with the actual sign design process by working with a sign making company. Signs can come in a large range of colors, but it is important to think about the contrast between the words and the background so that it is readable. You can also get varying sizes, as well as different fonts. If you want to make sure people passing when it is dark can still read it, consider also having LED lights a part of it. Monument signs are used on university campuses, theme parks, outside hospitals, mall complexes, cinemas and more. You can have just your sign on it, or if there are a group of businesses in the same area or even building, you could have a sign for each of you.

Be a source of information –  Having a sign gives people a place to locate the information they may need. You can choose what that information is, from products offered to the logo, or services offered. Architectural signs can be seen from a distance and are great for reaching an audience.    

Grab people’s attention – You can use something unique about your sign to get people’s attention. That might be the way the wording is presented, the way it is lit up, the attractive nature of the sign or the logo you are using. Just make sure it is placed where the most people will see it.

Help people find their way – Your sign could become something people refer to when giving directions, and when you are a part of that you become a recognized brand that more people will come to see. It also makes your business itself a lot easier to find, rather than having to look for business names over stores, you are very clearly signed.

Brand promotion –  As a business owner, the key to staying in business and business growth is to invest in different forms of marketing. Having several signs is an affordable option that will last for years.


The kind of sign design you invest in is key to how successful your signs will be. Whether you opt for the monument sign, some other architectural signs or something else, make sure it reflects the kind of image you want. Make sure it has great quality lettering, coloring, and design. Make it the best sign that it can be!