5 Marketing Tips for the Year of COVID-19 and Beyond

COVID-19 has created doubt in both consumers and business owners, the frequent quarantines and business interruptions creating scenarios of panic buying and minimal profits. While using marketing tactics, like business thank you cards, can encourage loyal customers to continue participating in the buying cycle, business owners must strategize and come up with alternative marketing strategies. This blog post will address at least five ways for an owner to market their brand in the age of COVID-19, and each suggestion relies on honesty and community.

1. Offer Reassurance

Before you can expect your existing customers to support your business actively, you need to offer an image of where you stand as a company. Reassure your supporters that you are still in operation. Let them know that you have the resources and ability to fulfill their needs.

While your company may not be where you wanted it financially, are you still operating with confidence? Loyal customers want to support you, but multiple companies are vying for their limited resources during the current pandemic. Give them a reason and the confidence to continue investing in your brand.

2. Take Risks and Be Creative

With so many changes to standard operations, it is challenging to entice existing customers, let alone new clients, to buy. As the owner and operator of a small business, you need to think outside the box, step outside of your comfort zone, and offer something unique and appealing.

Many restaurants needed to change the way they operate because of statewide closures. Small diners and sit-in restaurants adopted a carryout and delivery service. Granted, many of them conformed to the changes by partnering with other services, but the change created opportunities to increase their market share.

3. Establish Virtual Relationships

While traditional marketing techniques, like sending business thank you cards, are useful strategies, it is critical to remember that the world is focused on digital landscapes and platforms. There are several advantages to digital communication over tradition, with the primary being the speed of transmission.

Understanding media platforms will allow a small business to build a virtual community. Using these virtual landscapes helps to establish real-time connections with customers and offer a clear, uniform voice to your brand.

4. Take Charge of Your Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the most efficient tools for connecting with customers, but you need to stay on top of your profiles to gain the most from it. Many small business owners start strong when creating social profiles, but they quickly leave it behind when they realize how much work it entails.

While neglecting social media was understandable before the pandemic, you have no excuse for avoiding it anymore. Clients need a way to contact you and hear from you, and your social media presence is the easiest and most cost-effective way to do it.

5. Strengthen Your Overall Online Presence

Beyond your social media accounts, it is time to refocus your energy on your overall online presence, including your website, blog, and video content. Having an active and optimized digital presence is critical to new and old clients discovering you and your content online. Too many small business owners relied on traditional advertising and word-of-mouth strategies, and those techniques just don’t cut it in the age of COVID-19.

If traditional marketing was your go-to advertising strategy pre-pandemic life, you need to embrace the digital landscape. However, that does not mean you need to abandon elements of traditional media forms, like business thank you cards. Using a combination of innovation mixed with traditional and digital marketing strategies will give you the best and broadest options for creating interest in your brand. The beauty of such a mix is that you can use it to get through the current COVID-19 crisis and refine it later.