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3 Steps to Take When Dealing with A Traffic Ticket

If you have recently felt the anxiety that comes with getting pulled over by a cop for a broken taillight or speeding, don’t fret. You can still have your traffic ticket dismissed if you follow these steps. While many people feel that there are no options for them outside of paying the ticket, most don’t realize that you can fight or register for a Florida 12 hour advanced driver improvement online course.

1. Figure Out Reasons Why the Traffic Ticket Could Be Dismissed

For the bolder type of citizen, you can put forth your own argument as to why you were wrongly given a traffic ticket in the first place. This can include having the incorrect information being written down on the ticket, the officer’s radar gun being faulty, and your own reasoning of making the traffic violation as a result of defensive driving.

2. Figure Out Your Options Once the Ticket Has Been Received

If you already have the ticket, you have a few options. The simplest is pleading guilty and paying the fine but this shouldn’t be any self-respecting citizen’s end-result. You can also fight the ticket in court if you are able to figure out an argument for why the ticket was unjust, to begin with. Depending on how serious the charge is, you can either choose to represent yourself or obtain legal counsel. During the court proceedings, the prosecutor will provide evidence against you and it will be up to you to argue your case in front of the judge. Don’t forget to draw maps and make scaled representations of where the incident occurred and how the stop occurred. Forgetting to measure out the exact distances and scale them accordingly can result in the judge siding with the prosecutor. You can hope, however, that the police officer does not show up to the court proceeding as this will lead the jurisdiction to not have a key witness against you. Don’t count on this, however, and plan as if they will be showing up to defend their own actions.

3. Mitigate the Ticket Damage If You Will Be Receiving One

If you live in a state that has the option for traffic school, you should highly consider it as it can remove the traffic ticket from your records. Reputable schools like the Florida 12 hour advanced driver improvement program online can hide the traffic ticket points on your record and stop insurance rates from going up. Agreeing to this during a court procession can also lead to paying a lower ticket fine amount or getting an extension from the time in which you can pay the fine in order to attend the school.

If you are faced with getting a ticket from an officer for a traffic violation, don’t panic. The state has given you many options to control your destiny when it comes to dealing with the ticket whether it be fighting it or mitigating the results of it by registering for a safe driver course online.