Furnished Short-term rental agencies operating in New York City.

Short- term rental agencies are organizations that deal in matching their clients to various available units within specific locations. Usually, these agencies have a website where apartments are listed with their respective images to help clients see what they are being offered. APT212 furthermore allows clients to schedule for physical visits if interested, via their agents who can take them to the various available units around the city.  Currently, the demand for furnished short rentals has increased with fewer business people and others on vacation preferring these apartments over hotels. These agencies have made it easier for such individuals to be matched with suitable apartments and are safer to deal with compared to random property owners. Some of the best agencies for your short-term rental needs include;

Bedly- this one of the best agencies when it comes to booking of shared spaces around areas such as Brooklyn, Bushwick, etc. the agency handles the whole rental transaction on your behalf which includes matching you to suitable roommates. Nevertheless, the client’s information is private and you will have to enquire from your booking agent for more information about roommates. All Bedly leases require the tenant to pay the first month’s rent and a security deposit which is usually equivalent to one’s month rent along with an extra fee for cleaning.

Blueground- Blueground rents units from various property owners in specific locations and has their design team furnish these units with custom furniture and appliances.  The organization then goes ahead to handle any maintenance issues that may arise as well as the leasing agreements. There is no required membership fee for the service and no shared rooms are offered.

APT212– this organization initially started as a brokerage firm in 2010. It, however, evolved to be one of the best agencies which offer short-term stay solutions to its clients. The organization does acceptable background checks to both the clients and renters which has significantly reduced the instances of scammers out to take advantage of unsuspecting clients.

Leasebreak-  the enterprise’s inventory consists of apartments which are directly rented from the landlord, tenants interested in subletters or tenant who want new renters that can take over their existing lease. Every posting is reviewed by experienced staff within the organization during the one-day waiting period within which the individual posting the unit is asked to provide information that can allow potential renters to talk with the property manager or landlord directly. The tenant should as well disclose whether they have permission from the property owner to sublet where the renter can filter to display only those which the landlord said yes to. it is as well advisable to check for approval stamps from their property owners to be on the safe side if interested in the unit.

Furnished Quarters-  was founded in 1998 by brothers who owned two brownstone apartments in New York. It has since then become a huge independently owned provider in the temporary housing industry. This organization furthermore works with various apartment owners within the city and has a design team as well which furnishes their units with customized wallpapers, towels, etc.