Your Work Place is like your Second Home

Custom Painting Solutions

Your property is an important financial investment. Most customers use aesthetic factors to judge the reliability of a business. So, investing in the physical appearance of your property will give you great returns. 

Strata painting helps businesses, whether large or small, maintain a standard. Your property building may be exposed to all kinds of environmental damage from weather changes – rain, wind, salt air, sun and other natural elements. These natural elements have an adverse effect on roofs, paint and other building materials. 

Refurbishing your office building or any other commercial building is a job best left to professionals. The painting contractor you hire must have complete knowledge of commercial painting as well as of your needs. 

Painting the exterior of a multi-story commercial structure can be dangerous. The painters need to be suspended hundreds of feet above the ground. However, by going with a professional painting company, all safety measures will be considered and they will have all the appropriate equipment like elevated platforms, fixed scaffolding etc. to conduct the job.

Professional Painting Company to Suit your Needs

You must choose a painting company that is experienced and well equipped. They must have painting packages that include interior and exterior painting, concrete repairs, water proofing, leak detection, roof restoration, rust removal, building rectification and so on. Their experts should carefully inspect every detail during their on-site inspection and provide free quotes in accordance to the scope of work. 

The company that you choose for strata painting must be professional and understand the importance of protecting your investment.  They must know that preparing your commercial structure before painting is the most important step in the entire painting process. If the proper techniques are not followed it will cause the paint to look uneven, resulting in chipped paint and discolorations. 

For this reason, they must use the correct primers, undercoats and ensure that there are no imperfections on the surface before they start painting.  This step will avoid any peeling, flaking or bubbling of the paint.

The painting contractor that you choose must have experience in safe removal and restoration of spalled concrete, corrosion, rust and damage. Before the painting process, if there are any signs of water damage the painters must find the source and repair it to prevent any future damage. 

Cleaning the jobsite after the painting work is completed must also be handled by the painting contractor. Mccarthy Coatings have all the required licenses for residential and commercial painting and waterproofing. They back their workmanship with 10 year workmanship guarantee. They offer customized packages to suit your needs and budget. 

There is a lot that goes in to keeping a building functioning well and looking good. Mccarthy Coatings will give you the results you are looking for. Their teams and years of experience provide the right solution to your painting needs. From educational institutes to offices, from resorts to malls they perform painting projects that are supervised by their experienced QBCC licensed building rectification services. They deliver outstanding outcomes on the committed time and budget.