Working Full Time for a Temp Agency

There is a time in everyone’s life that they must go to a staffing/employment agency to get them to help them in finding a job. I asked my friends and they all agree at least once in their working career they have gone to staffing in Dallas.

Staffing company

What exactly is a staffing company – it is a temp agency that has as clients companies that are looking for temporary employees while some of their employees are out due to illness, vacation or maternity leave. And in most cases, the temp job that you will get is just that a “temporary job”. If you are a good employee after the temp job is over that the company might want to keep you and you might get a full-time job. But that is not what you should be looking for in the beginning. Never hope that it will turn into full-time employment as you will in many cases be very disappointed. 

Temp jobs only

But they do find you a temp job plus, you will have been tested and all your testing scores are part of their record that they send to the employer about you. In many ways it is the best way to find a job. The only problem is little if any benefits and on holidays you don’t get paid. 

Full-time temp

I have one friend who is a full-time temp – she only works temporary jobs through temp agencies. And she loves it because of all the new people she gets to meet. After doing this for 20 years, she has a ton of friends from the various businesses she has worked for. We had a birthday party for her one time at a local club and you would not believe the number of people who showed up – yes, she has lots of friends, all because she only works temp jobs. 

Smarter than all of us

I told her I thought she was just looking for a husband and she smiled, she said, “who knows”. But think of all the men she meets on these temp jobs. I do know one thing, she has so many skills that there is not a temp job that she cannot do. She might be the smartest one among us. When she gets tired of doing a job, she only needs to ask her agency to find her something else to do. So, as I said before – she might be the smartest one among us.