Why Silicone Rubber May be the Perfect Material for Medical Applications

The disadvantages of using latex rubber for use with individuals are well documented. Indeed, we’ve seen numerous information substitutions from latex to silicone across most industries. This article shall target the increasing make use of silicone rubber in the medical industry.

Transparent resin [เรซิ่นหล่อใส, which are the term in Thai] is an important bio-compatible, non-toxic inherently material. Unlike the lawsuits relating to silicone implants in the 1990s (and the detrimental publicity which used), silicone rubber is normally a safe information. I’m not going to mention you could feed it to your pet as the pet could choke on it, nonetheless it wouldn’t poison it!

Also, the reduced human email during processing reduces the chance of contamination, especially when produced in a clean room environment. LSR is typically provided in two parts with among the parts made up of the platinum catalyst. These are then automatically blended with any colors and ingredients which might be required. The mixing produces an extremely homogeneous material that contributes to products that aren’t only very steady through the entire part, but likewise from part to part.

However, there are disadvantages regarding liquid silicone. First and foremost is the price of the tooling. The clue is usually in the brand – ‘liquid’. The tooling requires severe precision and workmanship to avoid the materials going where is shouldn’t! Likewise, as this material lends itself to generating small elements the tooling is normally automated. This results in an exceedingly expensive tool.

Of course, with high quantity parts the payback time will not be too long also with very costly tools, but what if you do not have a high volume necessity? The second drawback is that there surely is less scope to change the material. The reason being it provided in sealed drums from a merchant combining large quantities of a restricted number of standard grades. That is great if that quality of LSR meets your preferences, but not so great if you desire a custom silicone rubber.

Once you have decided about a key layout and shape; another item to consider may be the way for marking the rubber and constructing legends. There are three basic options for marking keypads; printing, laser beam etching, and plastic major caps.