Landmark Financial Tokyo Review



2019 is considered one of the best times to invest. There are limitless options and information available to the public such as cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds and even foreign exchange. If you’re a busy person but you’re very interested in investments, one of the options would be to hire a company with portfolio management services.

One of the many companies that offer Portfolio Management Services is Landmark Financial. It’s a way to speed up your investment process without needing to go through the technical knowhow of building your own investment portfolio. A lot of customers have given Landmark Financial Tokyo review especially on their portfolio management services.

Why People Hire Portfolio Managers

Some investments are better with 24-hour dedicated portfolio management services. Prices may rise and drop at any time of the day, so you might miss out on some opportunities while you sleep or while you’re at work. Since people can always look at their investments 24/7, they hire investment portfolio managers for them.

Aside from that, the purpose of having an investment is to generate profit. There’s no better way to generate profit than to be in the hands of financial experts like Landmark Financial Tokyo.

Landmark Financial Services

First of all, what is Landmark Financial and why is it so popular? Landmark Financial is a full service finance company that accommodates investments from both corporate and individual clients. The Tokyo-based company specializes in trade and portfolio management for clients from all over the world.

They offer a wide variety of services that a customer can pick and choose for his convenience. There is no fee for opening accounts, but there are variations on management fees, 0.25% transaction commissions, performance fee, contract periods and withdrawal fee. They have a minimum investment amount of 5,000 USD.

There are 3 service plans that are shown on their website:

  • Plan A – it is a flexible plan that has no contract period, no performance and no withdrawal fee; however, there’s an annual management fee of 2%.
  • Plan B – it’s a plan with a one-year contract period that operates on the principle that there will be profit in the account. There is no management fee, but there is a performance fee that equates to 18% of the absolute profit generated in the account. There’s also a withdrawal fee of 2% that’s net of that asset value and subtracted by the performance fees.
  • Plan C – it’s a plan with a one-year contract period that offers lower performance and management fee at 1%. There’s a performance fee of 10% of the profit generated, and there’s a withdrawal fee that’s 2% of the value of the asset, subtracted by the performance fees.

Final Thoughts

They say that experience is the best teacher, which is why people often trust tenured companies like Landmark Financial that have experiences over the years. If you’re still in doubt, look for more Landmark Financial Tokyo review from customers that have availed their services, especially those that have earned a lot from their investments.