Why is My Air Conditioner Making a Noise?

If your air conditioner is making a strange noise, probably something is wrong with the unit. Yes, loud noises are a sign of an underlying issue within the system. Call in a professional to determine the cause and fix your air conditioner. Overlooking the noises from your cooling unit can lead to major issues as they indicate anything from needing a simple aircon service Sydney to costly repairs.

In worst cases, by the time your conditioner makes noise, it could be in the state of beyond repair, and you have to replace the entire unit. Much of the time, the cooling unit will need only minor fixes to start functioning quietly again if addressed at the right time. Educating yourself about some of the common noises your cooling unit could make and what they signify will help you make informed decisions.


When the outdoor unit runs, you could hear a banging noise coming from it. It is probably due to the compressor. It is one of the major parts that circulates refrigerant. The internal components of the compressor can become loose and make a loud banging noise over time due to normal wear and tear. If you are hearing a loud banging noise from your outdoor unit, turn off your AC and get it fixed by a professional technician. Continuing to run your unit with noise could cause major problems.


While squealing and rattling noises emitted through the duct system are common, outdoor fan motors and indoor motor can make squeal loudly if they are an issue. Besides, the housing and blower wheel could also squeal when they malfunction. You can identify whether it is a normal sound or if it is something new and strange. The fan belt may be misaligned or worn. Over time the belt wears out that leads to a squealing noise. You can continue to run the AC, but the belt will break. So, get it fixed ASAP.


If you hear high-pitched screaming or whistling sound from your air conditioner, turn off the unit immediately and call a professional right away. The refrigerant leak could be the major cause that not only damages the air conditioner but also is hazardous for your family’s health. Screaming or whistling sound also indicates high internal pressure which is dangerous if not fixed.


A rattling noise is a sign that indicates your cooling unit is deteriorating. Another cause could be leaves that have clogged the system. Another reason could be the electric contractor, which can also make noise. If allowed to continue, it is sure to damage the other internal components also.

Like any other appliance in your home, your cooling unit needs a regular maintenance for optimal performance. No matter how well you maintain air conditioners, it can also break down over time. A yearly inspection and regular air con service Sydney can help prevent further problems. Be it split system air conditioner installation Sydney, ducted air conditioning installation Sydney or service or repair, contact an HVAC contractor.