What To Do When Workplace Violence Happens

Stressed Businesspeople Sitting In Front Of Two Colleagues Fighting In Office

When workplace violence occurs, it can be something that is alarming for people that are in the building. When this is happening it becomes hard to think of the right thing to do. It can be a daunting task to do what is needed if no training has been put in place.

Get The Proper Training

Now that there are so many workplace incidents occurring it seems only natural that more companies will look at the benefits of workplace violence prevention services. Employees need to be trained for workplace violence episodes in advance. When they are not trained they will not know what to do. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to these types of measures.

Seek Cover

When people get the training they need for workplace violence they will have a better understanding of how they can go about seeking cover. They become more familiar with exits in the building. These are things that they may have never thought about before, but getting the proper workplace violence prevention services will help these workers realize that there are some things that they need to be mindful of. It will help a lot of them realize that there are more opportunities to look at all of the ways that they can get to safety. If they have proper training employees are going to be able to follow procedures that can save a lot of lives.

Call For Help

Another thing that people must pay attention to is the need to call for help. Somebody needs to be able to make the call for help without being in so much stress that they are unable to get anything done. This is where a lot of people have issues. A natural instinct is to make a call and warn others, but it may be difficult for them to do so if they don’t have the proper training. People that are trained properly will know that law enforcement should be called first.

Warn Others

One of the hardest things to do is to warn others when something occurs. It can be quite devastating to be caught in the middle of a workplace violence type of situation. It is good to have the mindset to contact others who may be in the face of danger as well. There are certainly going to be limitations on the ways that people can be warned if the people that are witnessing these violent acts are being targeted at the time that things are happening. Realistically, no one has the ability to help save others until they are in position where they are safe themselves. This is what training can help with when it comes to the type of actions that need to be taken. A lot of people may panic early on and assumed that they need to start making calls to save other people. What they may not realize is that it becomes difficult to save someone if they have not gotten themselves in a safe position themselves.

Calm Down and Be Practical

It seems like a difficult thing to do, but people that are in these hectic situations must find a way to come down and remain practical when it comes to incidents of violence that happened in the workplace. If it is a single incident against someone else did act of violence should be reported. It should be documented and the proper authorities should be called to get the situation under control. It is all about knowing the procedures that need to be taken when an act of violence occurs.