What is an Advertising Agency?

When finding an advertising agency matters the most to your business, understanding their dynamics is important. Depending on what stage of the development process your business is at, different services will be needed.

Between banner, social media, SMS and email ads, there are a lot of options to choose from. While an advertising agency might appear to be simple at first glance, it’s quite a bit more complex.

What Does an Advertising Agency Do?

Advertising agencies don’t simply advertise. They plan, create, revise and implement every part of a client’s advertisement initiative. Today’s advertising agencies are full-service business powerhouses, complete with their own planning and action staff, and your next big business move is right around the corner.

What Advertisements Can an Agency Help With?

They can help with most ads, and they’re constantly evolving to include new types of advertising. Primarily, advertising agencies can help you plan, create, and implement the following:

  • Social media advertisements
  • Radio advertisements
  • Direct mail advertisements
  • Print advertisements
  • Television commercials
  • Sales letters
  • Business statements

This isn’t all, either. Most advertising agencies offer Above The Line (ATL) adaptable plans. These plans are suitable for scaling to national size, giving you more control over your business’ direction.

Advertising in the Digital World

Digital advertising remains the most effective form of advertisement for a lot of businesses. With many complex things to choose from such as audience size, wants, needs, where to place your advertisement, and what type of ad you should be using – it would be silly not to contact an advertising agency to ask for their help or pay for a strategy session with their team to understand what you can do on your own if your budget doesn’t allow for you to hire an agency at this time.