Tips for Choosing a Property Management Answering Service

If you are a property manager, you probably know about the essential service that you are providing to a business owner.

It does not matter if you are handing residential or commercial property, because you need to improve the communication with potential tenants as well as the owner.

As a property owner, you have to be a leasing agent, compliant department and building maintenance coordinator. At the same time, you will need to be available 24/7 in case something happens, which means that you have to organize your time.

You will be able to hire more people to help you along the way, but the best choice that you can make is to find property management answering service. You should visit News for Public so that you can learn more about it in general.

Remember that this particular service means that you will find professional help when it comes to telephone presence so that you can always handle things in timely manner for both existing and prospective tenants.

At the same time, finding a professional answering service means that you will reduce the hassle of a bad relationship with tenants, and you will establish a stable customer service foundation that will increase your reputation as a property manager.

1.A Property Management Answering Service Will Handle Tenant Expectations

We have mentioned above that being a property manager means that you have to handle numerous assignments and expectations for your tenants, from maintenance coordination to sales consultation and listening ear in a collection department.

However, these demands do not come in sequence, but simultaneously. Therefore, the typical situation for a property manager is to handle a single task while the other is popping up and demanding proper attention as soon as possible.

It is not a job that you will be able to handle with a balanced perspective, and most certainly, it will affect your ability to manage time in general. Therefore, the stress and overcrowded tasks can lead to decreased quality of work, which will affect customer satisfaction.

If you find an answering service, you will be able to reduce your load in these ways:

  • They will help you maintain your business and keep everything running while you are handling various matters.
  • You can specialize to provide you information about potential tenants, create schedules based on the importance, and even send maintenance personnel based on your previous perspective.
  • They will handle everything based on your instructions so that you can handle any process promptly.

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2.They Can Help You Address Maintenance Issues

Remember that when it comes to managing some property, the maintenance issues may fall into two categories:

  • Emergency Maintenance – We are talking about topics such as water leak, no heat, no AC and other problems that require urgent handling.
  • Routine Maintenance – It includes issues such as a cracked window, broken light fixture, nonworking electrical outlet, and many more things that are not urgent.

Of course, both problems can lead to severe issues, which means that everything depends on the situation and interpretation.

That is the main reason why you should direct your answering service and provide them with proper contacts so that they can evaluate and handle various maintenance issues for you.

For instance, a broken toilet may be an emergency in one toilet, while in another apartment that features two bathrooms, it is only an inconvenience that has to be repaired in timely manner.

The first one is urgent, while the other one is not a priority when compared with other potential emergencies.

You can talk with an answering service to decide which issues are routine and which ones are emergency, so they can determine whether the current situation requires fast-acting or not.

In case of an emergency, answering service can also contact the maintenance provider for your property to arrange a repair. However, when it comes to routine issues, they can take proper information and deliver to you so that you can address them when it is necessary.

Remember that answering service will help you when it comes to handling and determining the various levels of maintenance issues, and by doing so, they will send you a signal on tenants so that you can help them accordingly.

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3.24/7 Availability

If you have problems with short staff, which affects your tenants, it means that you should find an answering service that will help you along the way. They will also be able to provide you a perfect customer service based on the availability of your property.

Therefore, the specific problems including personal time off, sick days and vacations are not something that will affect the productivity of your staff. The answering service will take calls from tenants anytime both night and day so that everything could be perfect.