Things required for business set up in UAE

Trade License Zone is a well-established organization when we talk about business set up in the UAE. If you are very new to this, you need assistance at every step. To be in contact with someone who can guide through what to do and what not to do is such a relief. Trade License Zone has an experienced team of experts to guide entrepreneurs to start their business.

Things to know before business set up in UAE

  1. Book Appointment: Contact a business consultant in UAE to discuss what kind of business you want to set up in UAE. You need to analyze the total cost of the start-up and get ready with complete planning.
  2. Documentation: To kick-start the process of your start-up, you need to complete the documentation process. You need to submit the documents such as visa copy, passport copy, and a nominal fee as advance.
  3. Determining business name: Now you need to decide your business name so that you can register with the economic department. The authorities have full rights to reject or change the brand name if it exists before, so better be careful so that you need not to face any hassle in this process.
  4. Business approval: Trade License Zone has a direct association with various government departments such as economic, legal, immigration, and more government departments. This can make your business approval quick and hassle-free.
  5. Obtaining license: This is the most important step for any business set up in UAE, because one faces a lot of disappointment and also sometimes it takes a lot of time to get the license. The Trade license zone will help you to provide quick and cost-effective service by making your approval quick.
  6. Immigration and visa process: Once you start with your business activities, you need to pass through two types of visa process, one is an employment visa and other one is an investor’s visa. The business consultant will take care of your immigration process, from your visa to your employees’ visa to everything.

Trade License Zone will help you in every step to make your start-up journey smooth.