The Rise and Growth of Inchcape as a Shipping Agent

Over the years, Inchcape has broadened its services. Because of this, it has 240 offices in 68 countries that control its operations. ISS CEO Frank Olsen is currently leading the company. There is a wind range of services that the company has to offer to the industry. They include; financial management, survey, and inspection, full cargo agency, among others. The duty of the shipping agent works for the benefit of the clients.

The duties that Inchcape has is to deal will all papers that are required by immigration and customs. The company ensures constant communication with the clients to let them be aware of all the processes. During the two years that ISS CEO Frank Olsen has led the company, he has ensured that its focus is on ship agency ethics.

The Inchcape Company always values its clients. It is so because if they do not meet the agreement they have with the customer, they ensure to pay them. The companies assure this to the clients as they have enough money they can spare for this. Crew changes are also what can be assured by the company. It is to meet the needs that the clients need.

The company also prides itself on ensuring they get to fulfill all the demands that the ship has. It includes when the crew needs medication, and they are sure to offer them. The needs of a ship are vast; it is just not limited to needing parts.

The Inchcape Company does not only dwell in offering shipping services; lately, it has initiated marine survey services to its operations. The services are easy to incorporate to the company as they deal with the ship and the port. ISS CEO Frank Olsen believes that lack of trust has led to separation in the ship agency market. Therefore, what the company has done is to launch a “Transparency” initiative. It intends to have a good relationship with the existing clients. For the shipping agents and operators to have an efficient workflow, then trust is what they need to have between them.

The ISS CEO, Frank Olsen, aims for Inchcape to have a good relationship with the customers, which consists of trust and transparency. For this to be achieved, the company has incorporated it into their culture.

Inchcape Shipping Services is maximizing the use of technology in its daily operations. It is because it now has a digital database of the port. How the database works in availing the information is through the basis of subscription. Even in the middle of this pandemic, the company still ensures to give its site information about the ports.

The information given is always up-to-date as there is three staff that are always on board. The staffs use the global network to gather the needed data. It is a move that has been much appreciated. It is because the number of visits to the site is continuously increasing.

Concerning the crew change problem, the company is striving to work with numerous international groups. It is intending to come up with a worldwide solution that will help in solving the issue. The ISS CEO Frank Olsen has stated that what plays a significant role in curbing the issue are all the parties collaborating fully. He also states that the competitive aspects need to be put aside for this to function appropriately.

Inchcape Shipping Services is reliable shipping agent. It is by maximizing its abilities in offering quality shipping services to the customers. Such is by making use of technology in actualizing its operations to meet the demands of the clients.