The Measures Talkspace is Implementing To Help During COVID-19

After more than six months stuck in the house after the coronavirus outbreak and pandemic, many people feel stress, anxiety, sadness, and depression who never experienced such emotions. We now live in a new norm and nothing is the same. We must wear masks in public and maintain a six-foot distance from others, all to stay safe. Unemployment rates are at all-time highs and without the same social communications as before, people feel the pandemic blues.

A service like Talkspace makes it easy to reach out to someone in these times. When visiting normal therapists is dangerous, Talkspace offers online therapy sessions at a cost everyone can afford. Licensed therapists cover many topics surrounding coronavirus and its effects on families. Even marriage counseling from Talkspace is available from home. If you’re feeling a bit uneasy or unhappy now that we live in a new norm, Talkspace can help.

Private and discreet, Talkspace offers 24/7 help from a phone or PC. Choose how you communicate with the therapist, whether by phone, text, or a video chat. Switch up your therapy sessions as you see fit; it is up to you to decide how you talk during each session. Your comfort is the most important. You even help choose the therapist by completing an initial assessment once you sign up for Talkspace service. Unhappy with the therapist chosen? You are free to change until you’re matched with someone you like. Most patients do not have this problem, however, since the assessment is thorough and efficient.

Talkspace therapists offer counseling services for individuals, couples, and teens. Family counseling is also available. Anyone with COVID-19 anxiety or worry can also visit the Talkspace website for free blog posts and helpful resources covering many issues. When you sign up for service and get matched with a counselor, feel free to be yourself, and discuss the issues most affecting your life. Counselors are licensed and trained to help with any problems disrupting life. They will provide you with so much more than a listening ear, although having someone there to hear you out is always great.

Counselors give you resources and information that help you better understand the issues that impact you. They can offer medications if they are necessary, as well as a third-party perspective and guidance. You get the details that can set you free when a therapist has a hand in the situation.

Talkspace has several packages available. Each person who signs up for a membership can take their pick of packages that contain a variable number of therapy sessions each week. You are free to change this number as your needs change. No matter which package you choose, expect low-cost therapy for all your needs. Issues not related to COVID-19? Talkspace therapists can help.

Best of all, Talkspace therapy services may be covered under your insurance plan. Talk to your insurance provider or read your policy to learn what is covered under your plan. Rest assured you can still afford the cost of Talkspace therapy if not covered by your insurance. Along with the privacy, discreetness, and 24-hour availability, patients appreciate the low-cost service they receive from Talkspace.

Life is different now that COVID-19 is around. If you’re one of the millions affected, give talk therapy a try to get the help that you need. No one has to know except you, but the benefits can help life get back to the norm that you know and that makes you feel most comfortable. Give Talkspace the opportunity to change your life after COVID-19.