Ambergris Caye largest and biggest island of Belize. The Island is located in the northeast of Belize. Dimensions of Ambergris Caye are around 40 KM (25 mi) from North to South, and 1.6 KM (1 mi) wide. The Caye is said to be unmodified by the modern cultures in any way.

The only town on the island of Ambergris is San Pedro. Along with the small-town San Pedro, there are also a couple of villages and Resorts. Ambergris Caye is under the administration of and as a part of the Belize District, the nearest point from the Caye on the mainland is the parts of Corozal District.

Belize is the center of attraction for a lot of tourists from all around the world because of its rich diversity in flora and fauna. The Belize Coral reefs are famous all over the world and are the major attraction for the tourists. Belize barrier reefs are the second largest barrier reef, the first one in Australia’s Great Reef Barrier.

The Ambergris Caye entertains the tourists who came here to see the beautiful Belize Barrier Reefs. Most of the Ambergris Caye Real-Estate is reserved for Natural Reserve/National Park, meant to prevent the Environment. There is only very little land available for the development of the place as a tourist destination.

The Secret Beach

As the major portion of the Ambergris Caye Real-Estate is reserved untouched for the National Park and Bio Reserve, thus only a very small portion remains available for the development. Such a place is The Belize Secret Beach; it is in the north of San Pedro Town. This beach is of the most famous beaches in Belize. The Secret Beach is yet to witness substantial growth. The Secret Beach has been recently gaining a lot of popularity among tourists as a great tourist destination. Such a tourist attraction for the Secret Beach has provided an immediate boost to the local environment.

Ambergris Caye Real-Estate 

 Ambergris Caye Real-Estate offers a lot of potential for both recreational and business purposes. As the place is witnessing very fast-growing popularity as a Caribbean tourist destination, a lot of private investors, luxury hoteliers are showing huge interest in Caye Real-Estate. A variety of Real-Estates for varying purposes and according to your budget are available. Also, the Property Rules in Belize are very encouraging, Making Ambergris Caye a Perfect spot for your Real- Estate Investment.