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The Best Indoor Plants and Trees For Your Patio Enclosure

With the right system, patio enclosure plant protection means that you can enjoy a lush, garden-like sunroom 365 days of the year. If you have the patio enclosure in place, it’s time to start planning which flowers, plants, and trees to have inside. Here’s a few great ideas for year-round color and style:



Marigolds bloom from spring to fall, and they come in a gorgeous array of warm colors ranging from white to crimson to exotic, striped patterns. These plants are also fairly temperature resistant, making them extra easy to care for.


You can enjoy this hardy plant’s purple flowers in the summer. Meanwhile, the gorgeous and relaxing scent will filter through the air in your patio room year-round.


Succulents come in a wide number of varieties and add a unique look to your space. They’re also a trendy houseplant, meaning that many colors and varieties are easily available. Some popular options include:

  • aloe
  • jade plant
  • housetree leek
  • truncates (“living stones”)
  • century plants


This wide-ranging family of plants offers a lot of color and visual interest to the space. You can find Begonias that bloom in a rainbow of shades. Many varieties also have unusual leaves that grow in nautilus spirals or are multicolored (for instance, pink leaves with green ribs). These plants have something to offer your patio year-round.


A patio staple, ferns are delicate and airy. They add a splash of lush and vivid green to the rest of your decorating scheme.

Bushes and Trees

In your patio enclosure plant protection is tree protection, too! You obviously won’t want to bring in gigantic oaks and full-grown palms, but here are a few great, compact-growing options that really make a statement:


Depending on how it’s trained, Wisterias may resemble vines, bushes, or small trees. If you have a green thumb and are willing to put in a little time, you can train your wisteria to drape over a doorway or line of windows. This creates a living curtain of blooms and leaves.


There’s a whole host of dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties in this category. You’ll have a hard time choosing between attractive trees with mouthwatering fruits including:

  • Negami kumquats
  • Bearss limes (yes, it ends in a double ‘s’!)
  • Satsumas
  • Meyer lemons
  • Ruby Blood oranges
  • Henderson grapefruits
  • Algerian tangerines

With a big enough space, you can easily grow a whole citrus orchard on your patio.


If you want a patio that feels like a tropical getaway, bananas can bring the Caribbean to mind. Keep in mind that the ‘ornamental banana’ varieties don’t usually bear edible fruit.