Styling Tips for ADA Signs for Your Business

What are ADA Signs

ADA signs are the signs that are mandated to be put inside of businesses and other structures so individuals with disabilities can locate the signs. The signs are regulated by the Americans With Disabilities Act and when they are built they should be easily accessible through tactile touch and visibility. Some people at times confuse these signs as braille signs but braille signs and ADA signs are not the same. If you are a business owner it is very important to have these signs in your business because it is for the safety and convenience of all your customers regardless if they have a disability. The signs also show that the business is mindful that not every human is the same. Having these signs in your business shows the federal government that you are compliant with the rules and that you are making every effort to make it easy for customers with disabilities to do business with you. 

Why Is It Important To Have Disability Signs

The visually impaired signs are extremely important for businesses to have properly displayed because around 2.4% of the United States population has some type of visual disability. These visual disabilities can make it very difficult when individuals are trying to access things like offices, restrooms, and classrooms. When the visually impaired signs are put in place this can make things a lot easier for the visually impaired whether they are visiting a location or at a retail store shopping. The visually impaired signs make the person with a visual impairment or any disability feel welcomed. The visually impaired signs help the visually impaired navigate their way through any building. It also alerts other guests who are in the building that the individual is visually impaired and it is okay to assist them if possible. 

The visually impaired signs also let businesses customers know that they care about them and value them. They know that the business wants them to feel safe and comfortable while on the property. If your business shows the visually impaired that they are just as important as any other customer it is the right thing to do. It can also be beneficial for your business because they can become repeat or even regular customers at your establishment. When you give a person good customer service by providing visually impaired signs just as important as being given good customer service buy waiter or waitress. If you do not have the visually impaired signs in your business it is against the law. As of 2010, the Department of Justice mandated that these visually impaired signs be in every public, government, and commercial businesses. If a business does not comply with this they can be penalized and fined by the government.

The Requirements For Visually Impaired Signs 

The federal government has made requirements what the appearance of visually impaired signs and how they should be displayed. The font on the visually impaired signs should be raised and uppercase at all times. The size of the font should be no more than 2 and the print should not be decorated. The signs must also have at least ⅛ inch between the closet two letters. This is important so the visually impaired individuals can read the sign by touch. The signs are also required to be domed or rounded and this fits the grade II Braille scale. The Braille needs to also be positioned directly underneath the words so the vision impaired can locate the Braille easily. since 2010 the mandated implementation of other visually impaired signs in public, government, and commercial buildings has made it a lot easier for individuals with visual impairments to locate things such as offices and classrooms.