Student Apartment Just the way You Like to Have

With the opening of the academic year , for many freshmen the time has not only come to prepare themselves for the university entrance tests to be held in September, but also to start looking for a home if you want study in a city other than that of residence. There are many students who choose to study away from the municipality of residence, either moving to another region or remaining in the same but changing municipality and province: 

  • According to data from 2019, 25.5% of graduates in 2018 have experienced a “limited mobility” and obtained a degree in a province adjacent to that of the diploma
  • 12.5% ​​moved but remained in the same geographical area (north, south, center)
  • Another 12.5% ​​received their degree in an area geographically distant from the one in which they graduated. Have more info about the same there.

Student Rentals Off Seat

The search for a home is essential to guarantee a university life as peaceful as possible, especially when it comes to sharing. There are a number of tips to follow when looking for student rentals: proximity to the university, neighborhood security, roommates. A company that leases buildings and restructures them for use by university students away from home, has compiled a guide of 10 useful tips for all students looking for accommodation and rented rooms in the city where the university is located.

Tips For Searching For Home

The fee:It is one of the elements to pay more attention to: it is useless to pay too much if better offers are found in the same area. During the search it is good to pay attention to a series of variables that can influence the price of the apartment: type of room (if you are looking for a single or double room); neighborhood (proximity to the university and services); furnishing, type of contract.

The contract in accordance with:the registered contract also protects the tenant, establishes the terms for the return of the deposit, can be deducted and can help the student to request discounts for students away from home.

Standard installations and certificates: safety comes first.

All Inclusive fee: better that the fee includes everything from electricity and gas costs to those for internet, to avoid having surprises during the stay;

Furnishings and equipment of the house: better to opt for a house in which there are all the appliances. If someone is missing, it is better to agree in advance with the owner to understand who will be in charge of the shopping and who will be able to keep them once the contract has expired.

Commodities of the condominium: have you ever lived on the fourth floor without a lift? Here, it’s good to pay attention to it. 

Served area: even in a large metropolis there are areas better served than others. If, for example, you think of taking a home in an area not too close to the university, make sure that it is served by public transport, that the main services such as post offices, banks, supermarkets, shops and pharmacies are present.