LED Lights as Revolutionary Technological Innovation

When you tag the word lighting your mind fill with one word LED. Although everyone is following the trend blindly and replacing their old energy sources with LED lights, scarcely people think about what actually LED stands for. LED is a semi conductor which conduct electric current. LED lights can conduct 80% of electricity that’s why you get less utility bills. Wow it’s amazing sometime you follow the trend blindly and actually don’t get the reason. Living in a realm of technological innovations you should equip yourself with every essential information.

How LED is different from other sources?

You might think incandescent bulbs, CFL and LED all do one job that is lighting the room. Not exactly, LED lights are cool and free from harmful gases. Incandescent bulb lightens with vacuum and CFL from gases. LED [แอ ล อี ดี, which is the term in Thai] is semiconductor which emits lights from solid material. LED gives light when electrons moves around solid matter. Basically LED lights came in existence with the usage of traffic lights and headlights of luxury cars. You knew the only red, green and blue concept of LED lights. When you get a voice massage on your cell or electric appliance it lights all you can keep in the row of LED lights. Later manufacturers noticed the concept that these colourful LED lights are bright enough yet cool. They track the idea and convert it into manufacturing white LED lights for home and offices.

Why LED Lights are energy efficient?

It’s proven by American Lighting Association that LED lights are bright enough to enlighten area. For instance the light given by 5 watt LED is much brighter than 75 watt bulb. In LED lights 90% of energy consumption is converted into light. That’s why you get very low electric bills and much brighter area than before. LED Lights have long span of time than other energy sources. Can you believe a LED can burn up to 100,000 hours? Manufacturers are trying to lowerise the cost of these LED lights which might be many times higher than normal CFL or bulb. No matter what if you see in long run what a single LED can do could be done by three or four bulbs. You have to replace bulbs and other illumination sources at least once in a year. So far LED are still expensive yet it gives you mental peace for several coming years.


LED lights are safe to use because of latest semi conduction technology it never gets hot. No matter D.C. current is proper or not it never hurt you and safe to run through inverter batteries. LED lights are safer so if miss handled there is no glass its plastic coating. There is no need of perfection you can place these LED lights in any common holders. If you see economically and ecologically LED are completely safe and swift.

You can choose from various range of LED lights such as LED tube light and LED bulb. A LED bulb will give you equal brightness which normal tube light can give. Most of residential owners are upgrading their old systems with new innovative LED Lights.