Project Marketing Focused Marketing Team For Small Business

A product focused company

When your business has very few products, or is only selling a single main product, it is suitable setting it up with a product-focused company structure. Another way to see it is that when your business has only a few major customers who are using the single main product and are contributing revenue towards this single product, it would suite the product-focused company structure most. The product focused company may well be able to develop its own new customer onboarding checklist and process. This is the main building blocks prior to forming a solid product that will allow for long term growth.

A geo location focused company

Many companies now have teams in remote locations and/or working from all over the world. The teams may be working together towards one single project. This has no problem. A different variation to this setup is when your business targets multiple markets, especially markets that are in different geo locations. Each local team may be responsible to work on the product/marketing localization to the specific market.

A marketing channel focused company

When marketing a product, companies split up their marketing efforts into channels. For example, search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising, community/forum marketing, content marketing, email marketing, retargeting/programmatic advertising, etc are all different channels for marketing your company’s products. The advantage of this structure setup is that each individual person’s specific skill are better used to produce better results/performance.

A function focused company

Organize into job functions let you put people of different skills into different departments/teams. Examples of teams are marketing, sales, customer service, product development, tech development, etc.

In a small business marketing team

The odds are you are the only marketer who needs to become multi-functional, whether you like it or not. This work may include:

  • Content creation: The content could be in multiple formats such as videos, text, images, GIF, audios, etc.
  • Banner/image design: Images are essential as you may need them across many places including social media, emails, websites, landing pages, etc.
  • Video editing: Create videos for promoting your product through Youtube and social media.
  • Website development: To market a product, you always will need a website. The quickest and simplest way is to install WordPress and launch the website.
  • Search engine optimization: You will have to optimize your website for higher search engine organic ranking.
  • Paid search advertising management: Before your website can rank high enough on the organic results in the search engines, complementing it by placing keyword ads on paid search programs such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc. Refer to this AdWords Optimization Checklist.
  • Social media marketing management: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are the few social media sites that you can get visibility for your product.
  • Project management: You need the skill to manage all the above activities as mini projects. When you outsource one or two of the above mini projects to freelancers, you are essentially into managing multiple projects.

For certain skills you do not have but when it is required, the best is to find a freelancer who can do it, and have the work outsourced to the freelancer.