Latest Innovative and Inspiring Bathroom Design Trends!

Your bathroom is the place in your home where you groom, pamper, take care of yourself and prepare for the day. So, one of the best rooms to concentrate on remodelling in your home is the bathroom. Proper research on the latest trends is one great way to get inspired before starting a remodelling project. There are top-rated bathroom specialists in Sydney who can help you decide on the style you love. An initial consultation with a pro can enhance your ideas and satisfaction with the style you choose. Based on the modern approaches for renovation, they will create the most personalised designs for you.

There are so many exciting and popular trends seen in bathroom redesigns until now. Let us help you get inspired to plan a transformation to your bathroom.

Luxurious Minimalism:

The current minimalist trend this year is running stronger than ever. The trend has evolved over the years that luxurious minimalistic designs are becoming well less minimalist. Minimalist designs are efficient, simple, and clean, according to bathroom specialists Sydney. They are also space-saving, smart, and focus on purpose rather than flair.

In the current era, minimalist bathrooms are more efficient and sleeker than ever. It includes more beauty and contemporary style. Luxurious minimalism has advanced to include floating vanities built with elegant and sophisticated wall-mounted toilets, plenty of gorgeous storage space, and hi-tech toilets to focus on function.

Windows for Sinks:

For home-owners, redesigning bathrooms in 2019, mirrors are out, and windows are in. The layout of the bathroom area should face an exterior wall for this idea to work. However, the results are quite appealing and exciting.

Imagine while washing your hands, instead of seeing your reflection, you would look up to see a view of the outdoors through the clear windows. Talk to the bathroom renovation company you choose to get this done if you are interested in this look.

The Invisible Shower Stall:

Ideally, the Invisible shower is just a term used to describe the seamless glass shower enclosure that is pooled with shower floors. It is not actually invisible. This look is becoming exceptionally popular nowadays, and we don’t see it going away with time. If you are looking for a sophisticated elegance, an invisible shower would be an ultimate style idea for your bathroom redesign.

Wood and Stone:

 Wood and stone trend has started gaining attraction a few years ago and has gotten stronger this year. Most homeowners love the rough, masculine, and raw look of wood from oak or pine. While others enjoy the rough stone accent like, slate which would give the bathroom a more sophisticated, cooler, and luxury look.

The best part is, no real wood or stone is used to achieve this look. Instead, faux products without needing high maintenance or cost give the same look and feel.

If you are planning to model your bathroom with a beautiful modern design, consult bathroom builders Sydney for better ideas with interesting and unique designs.