How Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can contribute to the growth of your organization?

​Employees don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses. Does this statement sound a ring in your ears? This is one statement that every working professional would have come across in their tenure. Whether it is hiring at the senior level, junior level, or entry-level; talent acquisition is considered extremely critical to the success of the business.

Businesses are transforming at a rapid pace and IT (Information Technology) is slowly becoming the backbone of every business. It is important to embrace change or businesses would perish.

Irrespective the size of the organization, IT and Non-IT companies are leveraging the expertise and experience of placement companies for IT recruitment, leadership development, career development, etc.

Though every organization has an HR (Human Resources) function; members in the HR team would still require assistance to identify potential talent, on-boarding recruits, retaining talent, and more. This is where placement/recruitment companies can play a major role in as they help in bridging the gap between the job candidates and organizations (clients). HR people are aware of the culture within the organization. Once the candidate is identified and interviewed, he/she is checked whether he/she is culture fit or not.

The association between the placement company and organization is a win-win situation since both parties can utilize their skills & expertise to achieve the result. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) as is in great demand as organizations prefer lean HR teams that can contribute to the goodwill of the organization.

As RPO is picking pace, many traditional recruitment companies are slowly transforming to RPO providers but they lack the skill & talent like market leaders ManpowerGroup has. The primary reason is that RPO is not only about recruitment, employee retention & development but they also contribute positively to the overall process and culture of their client/organization.

Recruitment is only one aspect of Human Resource Management since the focus is on the all-round development of the existing employees and building HR policies with a focus on people & business.

Business can be highly fragile since it also depends on external factors that may not be under the control of higher management or founding members of the organization. In such scenarios, companies have to come up with cost-cutting measures like laying off employees who work in functions that need more efficiency. This is where the humane side of the organization comes into the picture an HR team has to be highly sensitive in communicating the decision to the employees.

Wouldn’t it be good if those employees are given some training on skill development which might be helpful secure the next job? This is where outplacement services can be useful. Partnering with placement agencies with expertise & experience in RPO, leadership development, employee well-being, etc. can do wonders to the brand of the organization. The employees that are about to get laid off would feel good if their organization keeps people first even in tough business situations.

RPO is picking pace in the recruitment & leadership segments and a known RPO provider like ManpowerGroup can add significant value to the organization.