Sydney Gold Buyers has had a history of active involvement in buying and selling of diamonds, diamond rings, gold bullion, rose gold, and silver jewelry. Being a small family-run business Gold Buyers Sydney has always taken an active step in helping their customers avail themselves the best and most opportune prices for their precious metals and diamonds. Benefiting majorly by dealing with this company, customers can be assured to attain maximum satisfaction and have lucrative transactions.

Offering the customers luxurious comforts by providing them with a secure, private city office with free parking the company aims at easing the procedure of sales for the customers. The quote for customers’ valuables is provided on the spot and the company pays the highest price for the precious metals and diamonds. Customers are also immediately paid in cash at the office as soon as the deal is finalized. Customers do not require to have any advance appointments, they can simply visit the city office and the experts at the office will guide them through the process at the office and will mark out the most profitable deals with maximized payments for the customers’ valuables. A Customer can now easily sell diamond in Sydney at the highest quote along with other diamond jewelry that they might wish to sell.

Along with a service that makes the selling of diamonds for the customers stress-free and hassle-free, quick and convenient Gold Buyers Sydney also provides its customers with fair prices for their diamonds. The store makes a full-time gemologist available at the office to provide the customers with an accurate assessment of their colored or cut diamonds and diamond products. With professional assistance is given at the office every query of the customers is solved in an instant.

It is preferable for customers to bring their existing valuations along with any diamond certificates available. The readily accessible gemologist who is on-staff throughout the day customers can visit the office for the procedures according to their convenience. Not only your diamond jewelry but even chip diamonds are accepted at the Gold Buyer Sydney’s office in return for cash for the customers.

Even though the sale is quick the prices remain fair and lucrative. The company’s staff always makes it a point to give its customers the best possible payments for their diamonds no matter what condition they are in. Diamond set in any type of precious metals can also be sold out at the office at the fair market price. Gold Buyers Sydney buyers also take loose diamond stones in any shape or size at fair prices. To sell diamond in Sydney and other old diamond jewelry, all the customer has to do is visit the office and consult an expert at the office for details.

Located at a convenient place with a full-time duty staff gemologist to assist our customers, we aim to be the best choice of customers for selling their diamond and diamond products at the best prices without any appointment hassle and through a very quick and speedy procedure. Customers are given cash on the spot without any delay making us even more customer-friendly. Every person who comes to us for diamond sale related queries is provided with a sincere explanation and understanding of the procedure and rates along with a free assessment of their valuables. We are hence able to deliver to the sellers of the diamond at our office the best experience.